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Variety Acts

Variety Acts – mind-bending event entertainment

Looking to hire Variety Acts? We have all the America’s Got Talent-style variety show acts you’re looking for

With variety shows like America’s Got Talent capturing the imagination of millions of viewers all over the country, variety acts make the perfect entertainment for your event. Variety entertainers are never boring and truly offer something for everyone, so if you’re worried about leaving your audience yawning, variety shows are the answer.

Whether you’re hosting a convention, corporate event, holiday party, awards banquet, fundraiser – or anything else! – our world-class performers can take to the stage or the floor to make your event one to remember.

Piff the Magic Dragon Book Ventriloquist Kevin Johnson Oz Pearlman Half time performance Amazing Christopher - Jackson 5

Hire World-Class Variety Shows for Your Event

We truly have some of the best variety shows in the world, many of which perform in Vegas on a regular basis. Some of the variety show acts we offer are:

  • Mentalists – our mentalists will dive into your audience members’ minds and wow them with things no one could know. Again, don’t worry, our mentalists know exactly where to draw the line, so they won’t reveal any dark secrets!
  • Magicians – our magicians know exactly how to fool our eyes and do the impossible. Even the quietest members of your audience will chat with neighbors after to try and figure out how the magic really happens!
  • Speakers – want to start with something inspirational? Our speakers are funny, motivational, or both! Our hand-selected line up of corporate speakers aren’t boring; you can expect at least a laugh, and at most impersonation, singing, and even hypnotism!
  • Game Shows – looking for something interactive? Our game show hosts are perfect. They’ll come with a full game show set so your attendees can get up on stage and fulfill their dreams of being a game show contestant, even if that’s a dream that only started when they saw the set!
  • We also offer High Technology Acts, WOW Entertainment, Roving Entertainers, and more!

Virtual Variety Acts

See our new selection of variety acts for virtual events.

We Work with the Best Variety Artists

Our variety show acts truly are the best variety acts in the world. When you work with us, you can choose from a curated list of variety performers such as Erick Kand (hypnotist), Oz Pearlman (Mentalist and finalist on season 10 of America’s Got Talent), Piff the Magic Dragon (Mentalist and resident show on the Vegas strip), Ivan Pecel (Juggler), and Jeff Dunham (Celebrity Ventriloquist) among many others.

Working with an Entertainment Agency

Our variety entertainment hire performers are just what you need to turn your event from forgettable to unforgettable.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, convention, or fundraising event, our variety acts bring the WOW factor. To find the best variety performers for your event, simply tell us more about your event and we’ll send you a curated and personalized list of the variety acts we believe will be the perfect fit for you.

Hire the best live or virtual variety acts for your next event.

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