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Supercharge Your Event With “Trivia With Budds”

Trivia With Budds - Virtual Trivia - Funny Business Agency

You’re planning an event and you want it to be really special…

Maybe it’s the first get-together you’ve ever hosted. Maybe you’re hoping to raise money for an important cause. Either way, this shindig needs to be fire and you’re scouring the internet looking for that special something you can add to it to make it shine.

Sound familiar? Lucky for you, we have the perfect thing: virtual “Trivia With Budds” hosted by the one and only, Ryan Budds, entertainer extraordinaire.

Who is Ryan Budds?

Ryan Budds is a comedian, actor, and TV producer who appeared in the first Sharknado film and the “How I Met Your Mother” TV show. He was also part of the team that brought you Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness on MTV. In other words, he’s an experienced entertainer!

These days, Ryan spends most of his time hosting trivia. In fact, Mr. Budds is one of the hottest trivia hosts in the country and has hosted more than 5,000 trivia nights in his career.

What is Virtual “Trivia With Budds”?

“Trivia With Budds” is Ryan Budds’ highly respected virtual trivia game. So respected, if truth be told, that he’s collaborated with major brands like GEICO, Barclays, and the Home Depot.

Book “Trivia With Budds” for your next virtual team building session, online fundraiser, digital conference, or any other corporate event you have planned. Then tell Ryan what kind of questions you want him to ask. He has hundreds of categories available, from pop culture questions to sports trivia to queries about folklore and legends.

Why is Virtual “Trivia With Budds” So Popular?

Most of us can agree that trivia games are a lot of fun. But why is “Trivia With Budds,” in particular, so much fun? Because Ryan Budds is a one-of-a-kind host.

Think back to the last trivia night you attended. Maybe it was at a local restaurant with a few friends. Whatever the circumstances, we bet you remember a few of the questions you were asked. But you probably don’t remember the guy or gal who hosted the event, right?

“Trivia With Budds” is different from your everyday, run of the mill trivia night because Ryan Budds is so memorable. He’ll work hard to get to know you and your guests so it feels like you’re playing with an old friend. Plus, Ryan keeps the jokes coming—he is a professional comedian, after all—so you’ll be busting a gut the whole time you answer questions.

Lastly, as we alluded to earlier, “Trivia With Budds” is flexible. Questions can be catered to your specific event so that your guests will almost certainly have a fun time.

How to Book Virtual “Trivia With Budds”

The best part about virtual “Trivia With Budds” is it’s so easy to book!

All you have to do is contact Funny Business Agency and we’ll connect you with Ryan and his team. We can even help plan your entire event if that’s what you need.

With Funny Business at your back and Ryan Budds at your event, your guests are sure to have the time of their lives. And you, the event host, will be able to actually enjoy the get-together you’ve scheduled, secure in the knowledge that everything will go as planned.

Better With Budds

You can’t go wrong when you book “Trivia With Budds” for your next virtual event. So what are you waiting for? Contact Funny Business Agency today to get the ball rolling. Your guests will thank you after they’ve experienced Ryan Budds’ unique brand of entertainment!

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