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Your Guide to Virtual Trivia For Corporate Events

Rob Ferre hosting virtual trivia for corporate events

Looking to host a stellar online event for your company? Want to plan a special shindig that your employees, colleagues, or customers will remember for years after it concludes? Sounds like you need to take a serious look at virtual trivia for corporate events!

Keep reading to learn why virtual trivia is a great addition to any corporate get-together and how to host this kind of event. Let’s dive in…

Why Host Virtual Trivia For Corporate Events?

Before we show you how to host virtual trivia for corporate events like a pro (don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake), let’s talk about why you should.

First off, virtual trivia is a TON of fun. You and your team will have a blast answering questions and competing against each other to see who knows more random facts. Secondly, virtual trivia requires staffer participation, which means it’s a great engagement tool.

Last, virtual trivia for corporate events solves the “distance problem.” It can be difficult to entertain and engage a distributed workforce. But virtual trivia can be enjoyed from anywhere, which means both full-time remote and temporarily socially-distanced teams can participate.

How to Host Virtual Trivia For Corporate Events

As we’ve just seen, virtual trivia for corporate events has a lot of important benefits. Now the question is, how do you host one of these shindigs? Just follow these four simple steps:

1. Plan Your Get-Together

The first thing you have to do is plan your get-together. Virtual trivia is the perfect addition to any morale booster, client appreciation event, team building activity, corporate holiday party, employee award ceremony, or sales kick off meeting.

You just have to decide which kind of event you want to host. Once you do, you can move onto step two, which we’ll cover in the section below.

2. Choose the Right Host

You’ve planned your event. Now you need to connect with a qualified host to make sure your virtual trivia game is completely professional and entertaining. Some of the best virtual trivia hosts in the business include Rob Ferre and Ryan Budds.

Both Rob and Ryan have years of experience hosting virtual trivia games. While you could come up with your own questions and host the event yourself, we don’t recommend it. Trust us, you event will be much better off with a professional entertainer on your team.

3. Get Your Team Excited

Once your event is planned and your host of choice is booked, you need to promote the get-together to your team. Virtual trivia for corporate events is most effective when staffers are excited to participate. If it’s just another thing they have to do, it won’t be as fun.

So make an announcement to your employees. Show them video clips of other teams playing virtual trivia. Ask them to submit custom questions to include in the game.

4. Let the Games Begin!

All your planning is about to pay off — your virtual trivia night is here! While each professional host you work with will have their own workflow, most trivia events go something like this:

  • Team members are sent a video conference (think Zoom.)
  • All staff logs in to the web link at the pre-appointed time.
  • Your host welcomes everybody, then shares their screen.
  • The game begins, questions are asked, and points are scored.
  • A winner is announced and, if applicable, a prize is awarded.

As you can see, your virtual event doesn’t have to be complicated!

Better Corporate Events

There’s no doubt about it, virtual trivia makes corporate events WAY more fun and engaging.

Whether you’re planning to host a staff morale booster, team building session, or company holiday party, Funny Business Agency can connect you with the right virtual trivia host to ensure your get-together is a smashing success. Get in touch with us to get started.

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