The Living Vines

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Hire The Living Vines to amaze guests while roving at your next corporate event, convention or trade show booth! Welcome to the world of Divine and the  awe-inspiring performances of ‘The Living Vines.’

In Natures Ballet, choreographed ensembles between two and eight vines flow from one mesmerizing tableau to another, fascinating audiences as well as an occasional passerby.

Audiences all over the world are mesmerized by the layered lushness and incomparable grace of ‘The Living Vines’. They offer you the unique grasp of the secrets and glamour hiding within nature.

Four Living VinesThe Living Vines

Light Beings

Two Light Beings

Three Light BeingsSingle Light Being

The Sirens

This celebrated selection of captivating women evokes the time honored Sirens of the silver screen. Elegant water features unique to each woman, come to light from their gloved fingers, feminine fans, and heavenly grace.

Crystal SirenPearl SirenOpium SirenSliter Siren

Performances vary from full stage productions, to more intimate pairings, or simply a rendezvous with one. The elongated style lines and gorgeous silhouettes of Slither, Pearl, Opium, and Crystal is a performance of uncompromising seduction, married to abandoned poise, uptown sophistication, and innate glamour.

“Oceania” Living Fountain – Mistress of Misrule

Tossed from the Ocean’s shadowy depths, meet ‘Oceania.” She commands the water around her to rise as water emerges from her elongated fingertips. Stand back as this 8 ft tall, mystery borne, “Mistress of Misrule” returns from her state of exile.


An intriguing escort calls forth two enigmatic entities that are suspended within bamboo on stilts. Evoking the mystical aspects of martial art forms, the performances of Bamboo involve a fascinating ritualistic interplay between the escort and the bamboo entities.

Bamboo HiddenBamboo Suit


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