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The Living Vines
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The Living Vines

Awe-inspiring performances

The Living Vines in all their forms will amaze guests while roving at your next corporate event, convention or trade show booth!

The Living Vines

Take pleasure in the splendor of The Living Vines® as they gradually come to life in an exquisite transformation from vine into the awe-inspiring performances of The Living Vines®.

Types of the Living Vines

Light Beings - The Living Vines - Corporate EventsLight Beings

Illuminated by beautiful blue LED’s the stilted Light Beings® are conceived as entities from another world. Clients now have the option to choose our multicolored Light beings.

Living Water Statues - The Living Vines - Corporate EventsLiving Water Statues

Water pours forth from the fingertips of our lovely Living Water Statues® as fountain features from the pool she stands in bring forth dynamic and engaging water displays.

Changelings - The Living Vines - Corporate EventsChangelings

Two beings from a faraway galaxy interact in surprising and novel ways. Fiber optics and light emitting devices are threaded through their complex costuming, Changelings are sure to captivate and intrigue audiences.

butterfly Vines - The Living Vines - Corporate EventsButterfly Vines

Monarch Butterflies grace the lush green leaves of The Summer Living Vine. The Iridescent hues of the Blue Morpho Butterflies against the stunning flowers of the Spring Living Vine charm the eyes of the audience.

Illuminated Vines - The Living Vines - Corporate EventsIlluminated Vines

Our Living Vines adorned with LED lights illuminate any festive occasion. The white lighted Winter Vines and our green Living Vines enhance any entertainment setting.

Oceania - The Living Vines - Corporate EventsOceania

Two swirling Sea Fan women call forth an enigmatic mer- creature from the shadowy depths of the sea. Together they discover the presence of the powerful ‘Oceania.’ Water emerges from Oceania’s elongated fingertips as she commands the water around her to rise.

Bamboo - The Living Vines - Corporate EventsBamboo

An enigmatic entity dwells harmoniously within the bamboo growing around him. Seamlessly camouflaging with his environment, Bamboo moves on 3ft stilts. Evoking the mystical aspects of martial art forms, Bamboo strikes a powerful and commanding presence.

Light Statues - The Living Vines - Corporate EventsLiving Statues

Beautiful Living Statues in a variety of gorgeous venues. Perfectly suited to many types  of special events, our  Living Statues also work seamlessly with our Living Vines creating many breathtaking tableaux.

Sirens - The Living Vines - Corporate EventsThe Sirens

This celebrated selection of captivating women evoke the time honored Sirens of the silver screen. Elegant water features unique to each woman, come to light from their gloved fingers, feminine fans, and heavenly grace.

Hire The Living Vines

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