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Living Statues

Human Living Statues

Living Statues are an mesmerizing addition to any occasion. A human statue can look like any number of people and things. Funny Business has a variety of living statues that are perfect for corporate events and can fit almost any theme. They can be in a set location, add to the ambience and also rove.

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Unique Living Statues for Events

Living Statue – Robert Shangle

Human Statue, Robert Shangle is perfect to amaze your guests and create excitement at any type of corporate or private event Living statue

Less is definitely more as the mesmerizing stillness of the living statue melts into surreal moments and high drama.  The Human Statues are very versatile, requiring minimum space they can be a theatrical solution for small areas, hold a large crowd in bigger areas and add artistic kudos to empty areas. Our human statue has done a variety of themes and statues including:

Police officer,  Jazz musician, Old fashioned golfer, Renaissance artist, Colonial gentleman and tons more.  He just performed at Notre Dame as the Heisman trophy

Robert Shangle, lifetime resident of West Michigan, has performed around the world representing the USA as a living statue for many years. Robert was selected to represent the USA in the Living Statue World Championship in 2009, 2015, 2017 and 2019. This international event takes place in the Netherlands.

Garden Themes

A variety of visually stunning living statue that go one step beyond imagination and brings art to life. This elegant and sophisticated show combines artistry and illusion. At first glance, these human statues are simply beautiful. Then, through movement and music, something comes alive and everything changes — not only in the Garden but in the way every audience member sees the world through wonder and fascination.  Below are 4 different expressions of the Living Garden for your event.

Living Vines Roving Event

Type of Events for Living Statues

Human living statues are perfect for any type of event.

  • Client Appreciations
  • Product Launches
  • Grand Openings
  • Galas
  • Conference & Conventions

They add a unique touch that will leave guests talking about your event for an incredibly long time after they’ve left. Whether it’s a private party, corporate event, wedding, festival, or any other kind of event – the reactions of your guests will leave you glad you chose such creative entertainment. You can choose where they perform, whether it’s dotted around an indoor venue or an outdoor space. You can also choose whether to make them stand out so they catch the eye of guests, or whether you incorporate them into the décor, so that they blend into their surroundings and give unexpecting guests a thrilling surprise.

Living Statues are also a great idea for promotional events, as their standout costumes and makeup, and their impenetrable stillness draw in a crowd of onlookers. Brand or product activations are instantly made more memorable and impressive when there’s a living statue attending the event. Brilliant when wearing or holding your logo, these living statue performers do really well as advertising methods.

Hire a Living Statue

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Human Statue:
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  • Trade Shows 
  • Sales Meetings 
  • Conventions 
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