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The Living Garden, visually stunning, The Living Garden goes one step beyond imagination and brings art to life. This elegant and sophisticated show combines artistry and illusion. At first glance, The Living Garden is simply beautiful. Then, through movement and music, something comes alive and everything changes — not only in the Garden but in the way every audience member sees the world through wonder and fascination.  Below are 4 different expressions of the Living Garden for your event.

The Living Fountain

A statue of a beautiful woman who transforms herself with magical elegance into a Living Fountain. As music plays, delicate jets of water appear from her fingertips and a shimmering spray cascades from the top of her head in this beautifully choreographed performance, Indoors or outdoors the Living Fountain makes for a truly enchanting experience. One Hour Performance or three 20 Minute performances

The Three Graces

Three romanesque statues of beautiful woman come to life as an enchanting fountain. Gentle streams of water appear from their fingertips and encircling one of their heads is a halo of rain as the Three Graces share their story through a wonderfully choreographed display. Available for events and occasions indoors and out. One Hour Performance or three 20 Minute performances

The Rockman

Experience the intrigue of the Rockman as he slowly emerges from his igneous dwelling. The Rockman metamorphoses between rock and man as he camouflages completely with his habitat. Audiences are enchanted by his warmth and power making for a truly fascinating performance. Up to three 25 minute sets. (slightly less in outdoor heat.)


A beautiful Geisha whose face is discreetly hidden behind her parasol is strolling through a Japanese garden. Enchanting music is heard in the background. She wanders to the middle of a bridge that spans a small pond shrouded in a mysterious mist. On either side of her are two bubbling jets of water. One Hour Performance or three 20 Minute performances

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The Living Fountain:
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  • Available for Trade Shows, Festivals, General Sessions 
  • Conventions, Conferences, Product Launch 
  • Indoor or Outdoor 
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