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book magician Marco Tempest
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Marco Tempest

Magic & Technology


Marco Tempest is a cyber-illusionist who combines magic and technology to produce astonishing, multi-dimensional planes of magic and thought. He began his performing career as a stage magician, winning awards and garnering recognition and accolades as one of the world¹s most creative performers. But an interest in technology took him in a different direction in which the ingenious thinking of the magician was combined with digital media to produce a unique and original form of magic and illusion.

“I don’t know what magic will be like in fifty years,
but I suspect that it will look a lot like Marco Tempest”

About Marco Tempest

Marco’s digital illusions and augmented realities were ideal for the emerging digital world. This was a brand of illusion that contemporary audiences could grasp. The Internet and social media proved to be the perfect showcase for Marco’s innovative ideas. Illusion, technology and a creative approach to storytelling made Marco one of the most popular speakers at popular speakers at technology conferences all over the world including the annual TED get together.

Corporations worldwide seek Marco’s cutting-edge capabilities which he aligns to each client’s unique brand, product or event concept.  His work is constantly at the forefront of modernity, utilizing the newest, most advanced forms of technology.  Marco’s exploration of new media is consistently growing and evolving – his eyes remain on the future and his performances remain one step ahead of his audience.

With an innovative combination of computer-generated video, music, and stagecraft, Marco creates illusions that engage the senses and stir the imagination.  Through the ingenious powers of Marco Tempest, the magical and the futuristic converge.

“Inventing the Impossible” Keynote Speaker Experience

The magician makes the impossible possible. He tells stories that hold us spellbound. He makes us believe in magic. It is the ultimate suspension of disbelief. In Inventing the Impossible Marco reveals the psychology, technology and creativity that goes into creating magical experiences. It is an inspirational presentation about problem solving, creative thinking and engaging audiences whether from a platform or the Internet. He urges the inner artist, writer and creative voice in all of us to push our boundaries. To share our discoveries and our talents. To collaborate with our peers. And use our individual resources to become part of something bigger. To think the impossible. And get it done.

Inventing the Impossible pushes audiences beyond personal barriers to achieve truly extraordinary results. This program is able to be tailored to the audience. Marco will have a conference call with clients in advance of his speech. Marco will participate in a Q&A session or meet & greet after his presentation, if requested

Virtual Show Experience

New virtual show demo coming soon!

Hire Marco Tempest

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  • American Express - Coca Cola - Ford Motors 
  • IBM - Microsoft - Lexus 
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