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Hire Joan Lunden

Award winning journalist and motivational speaker!

Hire Joan Lunden

Hire Joan Lunden for your next speaking engagement! Whether it be a fundraiser, corporate event or luncheon it will be the perfect addition to your next event!

Joan Lunden is a sought after keynote speaker for a wide variety of organizations. In her refreshingly straightforward style, Joan shares the candid advice that has motivated her throughout her career, inspiring audiences to take charge of their health, their happiness, and their success.

Why Joan Is Right For Your Event:
A nationally known broadcaster, author, host, and speaker, Joan Lunden has been a spokesperson for a multitude of corporate media campaigns which include press tours, satellite media tours, as well as hosting annual meetings and events. Having spent much of her career speaking to America from in front of the camera, Joan is the perfect person to speak to your audience from behind the podium.

Hire Joan Lunden to speak on any of these great topics:

• My Battle with Breast Cancer
• Overcoming Change and Staying Motivated
• The Ten Best Secrets to Success
• Now That We Have It All, How Do We Do it All? The Modern Woman’s Dilemma
• From Career to Caregiving and Everything in Between
• Embracing Change: The New Reality for Your Family’s Future
• Strategies for Success: Women’s Path to Power & Reinvention
• The Secrets To Living Younger Longer
• Fostering Leadership and Achieving Dreams
• My Journey From Small Town Sacramento to The Big Apple
• And more!


  • Today Show
  • The American Heart Association
  • The American Lung Association
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