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Chris Jones

Hypnotist on America's Got Talent

Chris Jones is a hypnotist, comedian and the host of upcoming prank series Double Take on Facebook Watch. In each episode of the new series, Jones conspires with a different celebrity (from John Cena, to Pamela Anderson and NeNe Leakes) to give one adoring fan the surprise of a lifetime: meeting and interacting with their idol in a range of crazy circumstances, though – under hypnosis – unable to recognize them.

Corporate Hypnotist

Chris Jones, yes, it’s one word, learned hypnosis while in graduate school. While working at a children’s hospital, he met a doctor using hypnosis to aid in childbirth. He quickly became fascinated with hypnosis for comedy and therapy and wrote his master’s thesis on the topic. Five years after graduating, he appeared on America’s Got Talent and successfully hypnotized germaphobe Howie Mandel to shake hands. Since he’s performed in all 50 states and nine countries.

About Chris Jones

A Chicago-native, Jones story is incredibly unique. While getting his Masters, he began studying hypnosis as a personal hobby. Little did he know that it would give him the opportunity to make others laugh and help those in need. He performs over 200 shows a year.

Jones is well known for his appearance on America’s Got Talent when he made the impossible happen: Known germaphobe Howie Mandel shook hands with Heidi, Howard and Mel live. Since his first TV appearance, Chris has performed on shows like The Steve Harvey Show, Windy City Live, Good Day Chicago, Penn and Tellar, Scam School, and the Adam Carolla Show.

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