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Colin Cloud - Amazing Mentalist

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Hire Colin Cloud – Amazing Mentalist

Guarantee a remarkable and purposeful experience.

“Cloud’s mind-blowing demonstrations and incredible insights can be used to advantage in the real world. He will astound, and mesmerize your audience, embedding your event in their memory, quite probably forever.”



When you book top USA mind reader Colin Cloud, you guarantee a remarkable and highly inspirational event. Cloud is regarded as one of the leading after dinner mind readers/keynote speakers and corporate entertainers at events in the USA and around the globe. He once headed one of the UK’s most successful motivational companies. Now he’s working with individuals and organizations all over the world, entertaining and sharing with them an insight into his unique talents and abilities. His years of skill and training are at your disposal.


Colin has a knack for making events UNFORGETTABLE. Guaranteed.

So what are you looking for on this occasion? To be entertained by Colin’s internationally acclaimed performances? To learn relevant and transferable skills that will make a real and lasting difference to you and your employees? Or to have an experienced event host ensure that your evening runs to perfection while keeping your audience attentive and engaged?

Guarantee a remarkable and highly inspirational event – book the top USA mind-reader now. Available internationally.


What happens in the show? Well, we don’t want to ruin the surprise now, do we? But let’s just say Colin takes all the best bits from his live theatre tours and TV appearances and builds them into a mind-blowing experience, fulfilling your needs on a grand scale.

It’s exceptionally visual. Via a mixture of psychology, suggestion, and humor, Colin will share with your guests the closest thing to authentic mind reading they will ever see. Everyone will feel involved throughout, although only people who actually want to come on to the stage will be asked up – win/win.

The end result? Your audience will spark with excitement. They’ll laugh, they’ll gasp and they’ll be amazed.

Colin’s material is written and devised by him personally. What you see cannot be replicated: not by anyone, anywhere. He is, quite simply, one of a kind.

This format has been performed on stage and in theaters around the world, for audiences of 50 to 4000. Nonetheless, Colin’s team will ensure that the performance is entirely tailored to your event and your requirements.


Having studied forensic investigation at university and with a passion for criminal profiling, Colin went on to work for seven years as a writer and speaker for one of the UK’s most exciting motivational speaking companies. In short: Colin gets people. He understands how they tick. He knows their motivations and desires. Most importantly, he uses this knowledge to impart relevant material for improving and sustaining their effectiveness.

Whether you are looking for someone to help bring your teams closer together, or for a motivational speaker to provide something that’s fresh, empowering, high-energy and compelling, Colin can combine any or all of these elements to deliver a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Presented through a series of personal understandings and demonstrations of scientific research, Colin will literally challenge the way you think about your job, your life… the world.

His presentation has been described by many as positively life-changing.

You’ll also be pleased to know that there is absolutely no role-play at any point – phew!

If you want your staff or delegates to not only feel but to actually become stimulated, inspired and passionate about their role within your organization, this is the only option for you.


The average attention span of any audience is three minutes. After that, you’ve lost them.

What if you had someone whose skills ensured they were kept thoroughly mesmerized throughout the proceedings? Who engaged them at relevant intervals, to keep energy levels high? Who provided the focus for your guest speakers and your event’s outcomes?

With Colin’s understanding of social dynamics and showmanship, he has the optimal skill set to act as the conductor for your audience, ensuring they are at ease in the beginning, held completely captivated throughout and buzzing with enthusiasm by the end.

It’s no surprise that Colin is now re-booked to host events on a regular basis – so book top USA mind reader Colin Cloud just as soon as you can.

These events are all done with natural energy and charisma that ensures your delegates are still talking about your event long after it’s over. Colin’s reputation is based on his ability to incorporate any brand message into a remarkable and alluring occasion for your target audience.

His experience is vast, from business awards to variety gala shows. Get in touch and you’ll quickly understand why Colin is relied upon as the superglue to hold monumental functions together. Hire top mind-reader Colin Cloud in the USA or internationally now.

Hire Colin Cloud, Amazing Mentalist for you next event.


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