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The Evasons


Hire The Evasons who continually bring live or virtual corporate audiences amazement and laughter, making your sales meeting, customer appreciation gala, holiday party, or special event a resounding success! The Evasons will demonstrate great insights into the mind, all conveyed in an exciting, engaging, and incredibly fun manner!

The Evasons – Unique Interactive ExperienceThe Evasons - Mentalist Duo - Funny Business Agency

Their unique style and extraordinary demonstrations of ESP and Mind Power always receive huge reactions. How would you like The Evasons to add an element of exclusivity to your corporate event? Bringing People Together…Sharing A Rare Experience!


“The entire audience was in awe over your show which helped make this the most upbeat and motivational end to a year that I can remember. I would have no hesitation recommending you for any corporate event. You do a great job not only presenting a remarkable show, but connecting to the company and making it relevant to the audience.” — American Express

The Evasons - Mentalists - Funny Business AgencyThe Evasons Virtual Show

In this interactive, live, virtual performance, your guests will not just sit back and watch the show… in no time, minds will be blown, jaws will drop, and audible gasps will fill the room in this incredible and exhilarating demonstration of Second Sight and telepathy. Let your hair down and take a “virtual vacation” with The Evasons as they reach through the screen and seize your thoughts in this high-energy, fun show.

Virtual Show Packages:

100 attendees or fewer
One performance (up to 45 minutes)

500 attendees or fewer
One performance (up to 45 minutes)
Some customized show content

Unlimited attendees
Multiple appearances throughout your event
Custom company/product integration in performance

About The Evasons – Mentalist DuoHire The Evasons - Virtual Mentalists - Funny Business Agency

The Evasons are one of very few couples in history who have mastered the rare and specialized talent known as Second Sight. They define two-person mentalism. The Evasons’ network TV appearances include NBC, CBS, FOX, CW Network, Discovery Channel, and Netflix. They have entertained troops overseas and headlined cruise ships and casino showrooms. They have performed at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, the Great American Comedy Festival at the Johnny Carson Theatre in Nebraska, and the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. And they are the only mentalists in history to be featured performers at an NBA halftime show before a crowd of 18,000 people! The Evasons have been honored with some of the top awards in their field. They are the first recipients of “The Mentalism Award” from the Milbourne Christopher Foundation.

They were awarded the highest honor for distinguished professionalism by the Psychic Entertainers Association. They are the only mentalists ever to receive the “SARMOTI Award” which legendary magicians Siegfried & Roy present to their favorite act in Las Vegas. They have also been nominated for Stage Entertainers of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in Los Angeles. When you see the Evasons, you’ll understand why on Penn & Teller’s international prime-time TV show Fool Us, Penn & Teller said: “The kind of mental gymnastics that are done on this are unbelievable. This is one of those rare acts where the more you know about it, the more amazing it is. This act is so good – we’ve never seen better!”

The Evasons - - Virtual Mentalists Funny Business AgencyMake it An Event to Remember

Surprise your guests with celebrity mind reading duo – The Evasons! Experience strong emotional reactions, laughter, amazement, and a real sense of connection. You and your guests won’t just sit back and watch the show. In no time, everyone will be eagerly participating in interactive mind-blowing feats of Second Sight and telepathy. And don’t be surprised if you and those around you react in ways you’ve never imagined! Tessa’s spot-on powers of perception are so captivating, you might gasp with surprise and unleash a spooked-out shriek!

The Evasons will thrill everyone with up to 70 minutes of audience participation and fun, tailoring a unique presentation for an intimate group or an enthusiastic auditorium!

  • Award-Winning Corporate Entertainment!
  • Family-Friendly!
  • Worldwide Performances!
  • Major TV Network Appearances!
  • A New Standard Of Performance!

Event Planners find them reliable and easy to work withThe Evasons - Virtual Mentalism - Funny Business Agency

Event planners love this accomplished mentalist team just as much as audiences do.  Ease of booking, prompt follow-up calls and access to extensive promotional materials are just some of the reasons why Fortune 500 event planners, campus activities directors and entertainment producers rave about how friendly and professional The Evasons are, both on and off-stage.  They know all the ins and outs of the industry and are committed to the exact same thing you are – giving your audience the experience of a lifetime.

Hire the Evasons

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