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Amy Barnes is a talented comedian who transitioned from a career as an aerospace engineer to stand-up comedy. Her unique background and engaging comedic style have made her a popular figure in both secular and Christian entertainment circles.

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Female Christian Comedian

Amy Barnes: A Beacon of Laughter and Faith

Amy Barnes stands out in the world of comedy not just for her quick wit and engaging stage presence, but for her remarkable ability to weave her Christian faith into her performances, making her a sought-after entertainer in both secular and Christian circles. Her journey from an aerospace engineer to a beloved comedian is as unique as her comedic style, which combines clean, relatable humor with insightful observations that resonate deeply with her audience.

From Engineering to Stand-Up: A Unique Transition

Amy’s transition from the structured world of aerospace engineering to the unpredictable realm of stand-up comedy is a testament to her dynamic personality and versatile talent. This unique background provides a rich tapestry of experiences that Amy skillfully incorporates into her acts, making her humor not only entertaining but also incredibly relatable.

Connecting Through Clean, Relatable Humor

In a landscape where comedy often veers towards the controversial, Amy Barnes has carved out a niche for herself with her clean, family-friendly material. Her performances are a breath of fresh air for audiences seeking humor that uplifts and entertains without compromising values. Amy’s comedy resonates particularly well with women, as she taps into universal themes of family, faith, and navigating life’s challenges with grace and laughter.

A Pillar in Christian Entertainment

Amy Barnes is celebrated for her contributions to Christian entertainment, where she frequently performs at churches, conferences, and events across the country. Her ability to blend faith with humor makes her a perfect fit for audiences looking for content that is not only hilarious but also spiritually nourishing.

Engaging Audiences Nationwide

With over 60 performances a year, Amy has honed her craft to perfection, engaging capacity crowds with her wholesome, energetic comedy style. Whether she’s performing in a church auditorium or a theater, Amy’s performances leave audiences both entertained and inspired, making her one of the most beloved Christian comedians today.

A Personal Touch

Beyond the stage, Amy’s personal life as a wife and mother living in the Pacific Northwest adds another layer of authenticity to her comedy. Married to Jerry Miner, who is also a comedian and writer, Amy’s life experiences enrich her material, making her performances feel intimate and genuine.

More About Amy

More About Amy Barnes

Engineer turned comedienne, Amy Barnes, started her stand-up career in Seattle, appearing at comedy clubs around town while working days as an engineer in aerospace. It wasn’t long before she had to choose between the two career paths and, in a striking blow to the Girls In STEM Movement, she chose comedy.

After moving to Los Angeles, she began working as a comedy writer, writing for dozens of comedians and actors including Nancy Travis, Bonnie Hunt, Jack Black, and Morgan Freeman. She has appeared on Comedy Central and the National Lampoon Network. Amy is now a nationally touring act with over 60 dates a year and frequently appears to capacity crowds at theaters, churches, and conference events.

Married since 2002 to comedian and writer, Jerry Miner, Amy now resides in the Pacific Northwest with their 2 kids where she has accumulated some even bigger credits including dance mom, YMCA member, and PTA President.

Most importantly, she has a heart for women and is like no other stand-up comedian you have seen. She has a special way of connecting with both women inside the church and those who may be walking through the doors for the very first time. Amy’s comedy is a lot of fun and accessible to women at all stages of life and at any place in their spiritual journey.


Amy Barnes Testimonials

Amy Barnes is absolutely hilarious! The women at our event loved every minute and she was a pleasure to work with. We can’t wait to use her again in the future.Lindsay Petri - Women's Director, Arizona Women's Ministry
Amy Barnes is a talented and hilarious entertainer! She is genuinely fun to work with and deeply committed to using her comedy to encourage people with the gift of laughter. If you’re doubting whether to bring her to your event, doubt no more! She rocks!Jeremy White - Lead Pastor, Valley Church of Vacaville, CA
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is Amy Barnes?

Amy Barnes is a talented comedian known for her engaging and inspirational comedy. She started her career in Seattle as an aerospace engineer before transitioning to stand-up comedy. Amy’s unique blend of humor is particularly resonant with women, making her a popular figure in both secular and Christian entertainment circles.

What type of comedy does Amy Barnes perform?

Amy Barnes specializes in clean, relatable humor that is accessible to women at all stages of life and any place in their spiritual journey. Her performances are suitable for a wide range of audiences, including church events, theaters, and conferences.

Has Amy Barnes written for any celebrities?

Yes, Amy Barnes has written comedy material for well-known personalities, including Bonnie Hunt, Jack Black, and Morgan Freeman. Her writing credits highlight her versatility and talent in the comedy industry.

How often does Amy Barnes perform?

Amy Barnes is a nationally touring act, performing over 60 dates a year across the country. She frequently appears to capacity crowds, showcasing her wholesome, energetic comedy style.

How can I book Amy Barnes for an event?

To book Amy Barnes for your next event, you can contact Funny Business Agency. Amy offers performances that are perfect for any audience looking for clean, inspirational humor.