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John Felts

Clean Comedian

Are you looking to hire clean comedian John Felts? John, who is both a clean and Christian comedian, caters to audiences seeking good humor and good taste. He delivers real, funny, one-of-a-kind perspectives on dating, marriage, parenting, American culture and struggling to do the right thing.

Show your clients, employees, families or loyal customers a good time through John’s clean and carefully put together set. Each show is custom fit to the company or organization by gathering information prior to the performance to create that personal feel.

John enjoys making a wide variety of audiences laugh while never having to resort to harsh language, shock value or taboo subject matters.

John has performed for churches, businesses, charities and colleges. His carefully timed shows and clever punch lines are a success no matter what the venue!

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  • Century 21 
  • LifeChurch 
  • Andrews University 
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