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8 Female Magicians: Changing The Face of Magic

We at Funny Business Agency are thrilled to present 8 extraordinary magicians and performers, all of whom are women! These talented artists have carved out successful careers in what was traditionally a male-dominated field. They bring fresh and unique perspectives to magic, revolutionizing the industry in the process.

Each performer has developed a distinctive style and voice that sets them apart. They bring something uniquely captivating to events of all types. We’re eager for the day when we no longer hear, “I’ve never met a woman magician before.” Below, you’ll find some of the most innovative and sought-after voices in magic. They’re listed alphabetically, with a brief description and a link to their show (featuring video).

8 Exceptional Female Magicians for Corporate Events

The Evasons

The Evasons - Mentalist Duo - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

Tessa and Jeff Evason, known as The Evasons, are a dynamic duo in the magic world. Tessa’s psychic abilities, combined with Jeff’s skills, create an incredibly entertaining mentalism act. They’ve performed at corporations and meetings worldwide and were the only mentalists ever featured at an NBA halftime show. See more here: The Evasons


Jade - Female Magician - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

As a two-time magical award winner, Jade is a seasoned stage performer. She’s graced variety theaters, luxury cruise lines, and casino revue shows, and even performed for the Royal Family of Monaco. She’s a familiar name in the magic world and always a hit at conventions. See more here: Jade Tjin 

Celia Munoz

Celia Munoz - Professional Ventriloquist - America's Got Talent - Funny Business Agency

While not a traditional magician, Celia creates her own kind of enchantment as a celebrated ventriloquist. She’s won Spain’s Got Talent and was a finalist on America’s Got Talent. Her fresh approach to ventriloquism has made her a global favorite. Currently, she stars in “America’s Got Talent Live” in Las Vegas. Celia is ideal for multi entertainer shows. See more here: Celia Munoz

Dana Herz

Dana Herz- Strolling Mentalist - Funny Business Agency

One of the few walk-around mentalists globally, Dana is a master of her craft. Her performances, filled with humor, psychology, and sleight of hand, make miracles happen before your very eyes. Born into a family of entertainers, Dana is loved by corporate audiences worldwide. See more here: Dana Herz

Jan Rose

Jan Rose - Female Magician - Emcee Magic - Funny Business Agency

The ideal magical emcee, Jan has hosted hundreds of shows and meetings. She gets everyone involved and adds her magic touch between speakers and award winners. She excels in customizing routines around your brand to highlight your products and people. See more here: Jan Rose

Alyx Hilshey

Alyx Hilshey - Stage Show - Female Comedy Magician for Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

Alyx pairs her stunning sleight-of-hand skills with her background in electrical engineering to deliver unforgettable performances. This working mom is perfect for walk-around magic, family-oriented audiences, and intimate corporate stage shows. See more here: Alyx Hilshey

Jeanette Andrews

Jeanette Andrews - Female Magic - Funny Business Agency

Jeanette blends art, science, and magic to create unique experiences. She uses sensory anomalies, optical illusions, art, and scientific anecdotes to captivate her audiences. An acclaimed speaker and visual artist, she has been an artist in residence at several world-renowned museums. See more here: Jeanette Andrews

Nicole Cardoza

Nicole Cardoza - Female Magician - Funny Business Agency

Nicole is both a magician and a storyteller. She offers a fresh perspective on stage magic and the history and future of Black magicians. Nicole performs walk-around magic and shares her unique storytelling magic. See more here: Nicole Cardoza

How to Hire a Female Magician

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who are some top female magicians for corporate events?

Some top female magicians for corporate events include Alyx Hilshey, Celia Munoz, Jade, Dana Herz, Jan Rose, Jeanette Andrews, Nicole Cardoza, and The Evasons.

Where can I hire female magicians for corporate events?

You can hire talented female magicians for corporate events through Funny Business Agency.

Who is a renowned female ventriloquist?

Celia Munoz is a renowned female ventriloquist who brings a unique approach to her performances.

Who is a two-time magical award-winning female magician?

Jade is a two-time magical award winner who has performed for audiences worldwide, including the Royal Family of Monaco.

Who are the Evasons in the magic industry?

The Evasons are a renowned duo in the magic industry known for their mind-bending two-person mentalism performances.