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5 Best Tips to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19

5 Best Tips to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19

We all need to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19. Do you feel like you can relate to Billy Murray’s character in Groundhog’s Day? The team is together again for another Zoom meeting about something you feel like you have already discussed.

Jerry once again holds up his pug to say hello, Mary’s kid launches a full-scale line of questioning about hippos, and Steve tries his best to stay lively by changing his background to look like Hawaii. Everyone is doing their best, but we’re all going a little crazy.

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How to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19

Employers are working harder than ever to keep their businesses going and their employees happy. It’s hard to keep spirits high and the team focused while dealing with so many changes. Here are five suggestions to boost morale on and off the online meetings.

 1. Be aware of Zoom FatigueZoom Meeting Fatigue

Ask yourself before scheduling another online face to face meeting – can this be a call? Can this be an e-mail? Give your employees a break from having to always be “on” while at home. Many are still adjusting to the working from home lifestyle. Be aware that unlike the office, they may need a little more space to stay focused and productive.

2. Flexible Schedules

These are unusual times and perhaps the 9-5 model is difficult to achieve while at home, especially for those with children. Studies have shown that remote workers tend to be more productive with four-day work weeks, allowing them an extra personal day to manage their life and mental health. 

3. Provide Some EntertainmentSurprised Woman Zoom Meeting

Being stuck at home for months on end is making people desperate for entertainment. You can save your employees from monotony and boredom with virtual entertainment. All kinds of virtual entertainment can be customized to your business and your budget, including:

4. Send a Care Package

The office is closed and all of those basic needs like toilet paper, paper towels, soap, batteries, and so on are just sitting there. Put together a little care package and throw in a gift card to a local bakery or delivery service. It is the thought that counts and these products are always appreciated! 

5. Share all the Memes (that are work appropriate)

Many management software services like Slack offer specific channels to make sharing ideas easier. Why not dedicate one of these groups to Memes! Let’s be honest, people love memes. With social media being the number one form of immediate entertainment, we all have found a few favorite memes. Why not share them with the team? Take it a step further and start a weekly contest posting a photo, and the employee who creates the best caption wins a prize! Think of the endless bad jokes– it will be worth it! 

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