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5 Best Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

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Does your team enjoy working together?

It’s an important question! A recent study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Review found that those who feel comfortable at work have better health. Other studies have proven that having a best friend at work can greatly improve engagement levels.

How do you help employees feel comfortable enough to make a BFF at the office? One of the best ways is to put them in fun situations outside of the daily 9-5 grind.

Of course, these days, due to pandemic protocols and the rise of remote work, bringing coworkers together in this way takes some creative thinking. That’s why we’ve come up with the five best virtual happy hour ideas for you!

Keep reading to learn how you can engage your employees, boost their morale, and deepen their relationships with each other—even if your staff doesn’t share an office space.

1. Virtual Trivia

What’s the best way to bring your team together? Virtual trivia is definitely in the running!

First, your employees log into a video conferencing tool like Zoom. Then a professional game show host will divide your group into teams and start asking questions. Trust us, you and your staff will have more fun than you’ve had in years.

One of the best things about virtual trivia is that it works for groups of all sizes and beliefs. So you’ll never have to worry about employees feeling left out or having to answer off-color questions. Say hello to the best company happy hour your organization has ever hosted!

2. Virtual Mixology

Why bring your own drinks when you can make them instead?

A virtual mixology class, hosted by industry experts, will teach you and your team how to mix restaurant-quality cocktails from the comfort of your own kitchens.

These types of events are hosted via Zoom, last for an hour, and can be customized to your exact specifications. They’re also highly interactive, which means your employees will have plenty of opportunities to engage with each other and deepen their bonds.

If you’re looking for one of the most unique virtual happy hour ideas, this is it.

3. Virtual Dueling Pianos

If you’ve ever seen an in-person dueling pianos performance, you know that it’s a riot!

Well now you and your team can experience the same level of stellar musicianship and memorable entertainment without venturing into a jam-packed saloon.

For example, the virtual dueling pianos performances by Jeff and Rhiannon are high-quality, multicam broadcasts that retain the interactive nature of an in-person event. Gather your team, grab a drink, and enjoy an interactive show that can include song requests, song dedications, and even sing-along battles between departments.

4. Virtual Company Talent Show

Maybe you don’t need to hire professional entertainment. Maybe your team is loaded with artistic talent just waiting to be discovered. If so, a virtual company talent show is a great fit.

This is one of our favorite virtual happy hour ideas because it allows employees to get to know each other in a whole new way. All you have to do is ask your team to record themselves doing something amazing. Then clean comedian Rik Roberts will host a talent show featuring the clips. You and your team can even vote on the winner if you want.

5. Virtual Improv

When it comes to virtual happy hour entertainment, you can’t go wrong with virtual improv.

Whether you’re looking to blow off steam and boost team morale, deepen staff relationships, or work on team building, a virtual improv show is a great idea.

Professional, world-class performers like the Fish Stick Improve Group will entertain your team for roughly an hour. Audience participation is definitely encouraged. And you’ll even be able to submit suggestions for sketches via your video conferencing software’s chat box.

Boost Team Morale

There you go, five virtual happy hour activities you can use to bring your team together.

If you’re ready to book one of these virtual happy hour ideas, get in touch with us. The events we book at Funny Business Agency are more than cheap online activities. They’re turnkey experiences that are 100% professional and completely fun. You’ll love them, guaranteed!

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