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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Venue

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How to Choose the Perfect Event Venue

Choosing the perfect event venue is no easy task, and the more attendees the more difficult it becomes. Fortunately, as one of the largest entertainment agencies in the USA, we’ve seen more than our fair share of event venues

So, what should you be looking for in choosing your event venue? Is there anything that’s easy to overlook? Here are just 5 steps to choose the perfect event venue.

Step 1: Consider the Size of your event

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You don’t want to hire a venue that’s too big or your event will feel under-attended and you’ll waste your budget on space you didn’t need. In an ideal world, you’ll know exactly how many people are supposed to be turning up for your event, but if you’re not sure hire somewhere that is the ideal size for your ideal attendee size.

Look for a venue that has a layout that lends itself to your purposes, too. If you’re holding an event with various activities happening at once, lots of separate spaces may help those activities feel more intimate than everyone congregating in a large hall.

Step 2: Set Your Budget

How much to celebrity comedians cost?

Does your size and your budget match? If not, can you add a little cost to your attendees to fill it, or do you need to cut numbers? It’s always a good idea to choose somewhere that’s well within your budget. You can often decorate a space to be more “you”, but you can’t do that if you’ve blown your budget on the venue itself.

Step 3: Choose a Location

5 Things to Consider when choosing an event venue

Are your guests flying in? Does everyone already live in town? Choosing an event venue that’s central to as many guests as possible and if you’ve got guests coming in from out of town, a venue within a hotel or close to great hotels and parking is always a good idea if you want to endear yourself to your guests.

Step 4: What Do You Need the Event Venue to Handle?

When you’re considering your venue and the costs, always make sure they give you an explicit list of what they provide and what they don’t. If you hire a ballroom, they may provide you with everything you need – all you need to do is turn up! Other venues will simply provide you with the space, and it will be up to you to hire a caterer, seating, and other equipment.


Step 5: What Mood/Theme Do You Want?

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If you’re going for a black-tie affair, holding your event in a night club probably isn’t the move, even if it’s perfect in every other way. You may be able to fancy-it-up with your own decorations, but there will also be a ballroom somewhere that’s far more suitable.


Bonus Step: Hire Your Entertainment

Once you are done choosing your event venue, you’re going to be ready to hire all those other services you need. Every great event needs incredible entertainment, so don’t delay – tell us all about your event by clicking “book now!” below and we’ll send you a hand-picked list of our best acts to suit your event, venue, and budget!

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