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What Entertainment is Right for My Event?

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Choosing the right entertainment for your event

So you are looking for a way to make your event one that will be talked about for years to come. You want your guests to not just be entertained, but to have the time of their lives! Suddenly you have a brilliant idea….you’ll hire some professional entertainment. After all, if anyone knows how to inspire a good time, it’s a professional, right? You start googling local magicians, comedians, but run into a new problem. You don’t know what entertainment is a good fit for your event.

How can you choose? Consider these four things and your event will be one for the books.


A big part of picking the right entertainment is knowing your audience. And I don’t just mean considering their demographic. You have to not only look at things like age and profession, but also the personalities of those you are seeking to entertain.

For example, if you know that a large amount of people attending your event are skeptics, it might be better to hire a comedian over a magician or hypnotist. If you know more people in your audience are reserved as opposed to outgoing, an act that requires audience participation might not be the best choice. You want your attendees to get the most out of whatever entertainment you provide, and that means dissecting the average audience member.

Event Schedule

The schedule of your event may not seem like the biggest deal when it comes to choosing entertainment, but it can actually have a huge effect on how an audience perceives a performance. Consider the following:

  • Time of dayNo one wants to solve a murder mystery or laugh hysterically at 8:00 am, people are more amazed by magicians after a few glasses of wine, and it is hard to make an audience gasp at juggling feats when they would rather be napping. Make sure the type of entertainment you chose lines up with the time of day of the performance.  
  • Other Event ActivitiesKeep in mind the other things that will be going on during the entertainment. Will people be standing up to get food and drinks? Will people be eating or doing some other activity? It is hard to laugh with a mouth full of food, and no one wants to leave a hot meal to participate on stage. What kind of entertainment will work with your other scheduled “activities”.  
  • Length of EntertainmentPeople can only sit still and be entertained for so long. The amount of time you want a performer to be “on stage” should come into consideration for the audience’s sake and the performer’s. Entertainers with more physically draining acts may only be able to perform for a certain amount of time straight

Size and Venue

Considering size and venue is another quick way to choose the entertainment for your event. When you think about it, a lot of spatial aspects can limit the abilities of an entertainer. For example, a juggler is not nearly as impressive when faced with 10 ft. ceilings and a comedian is a lot less funny when he is telling jokes to a crowd of 10. Certain forms of entertainment just won’t mesh well with the size of your audience and the venue of your event. Will there be a stage? Will the audience be able to actively interact? Will everyone be able to see and hear? Ask yourself all of these questions, and you’ll set up the perfect environment for entertainment.

Mood, Message, Manner

Lastly, you should consider the mood, message, and manner of your event. You should consider how people are feeling, the message you are trying to convey to them, and the atmosphere in which the event will occur. For example, let’s say you are throwing a holiday party for 100 employees. The mood will be joyful, the message will be “thank you for being great employees,” but while these two things go hand in hand, the manner of your event could change the entire thing.

Is this a formal dinner with suits and dresses? Is this an opportunity for these employees to have a nice night out? Or is this a casual evening, where employees can cut loose and really be themselves? In the first event, you might hire a clean, corporate comedian, while in the other you might go with a variety act.

Considering these three things will help you picture your event in its entirety. Who do you see performing, what do you see happening? Put mood, message, and manner together and ask yourself these questions, and you’ll have an event that isn’t just fun or exciting, but one that your guests will hold in memory for the rest of their lives.

What Now…?

You know your audience. You’ve considered scheduling, venue, and size. You haven’t had a doubt about the mood, message, or manner since the events conception. You have your sights on a form of entertainment and are ready to go…so what do you do now?

It is time to start looking at specific entertainers. Contact us now to get started!

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