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How to Choose the Ultimate Sales Meeting Venue

How to Choose your Sales Meeting Venue - Funny Business Agency

Orlando, Washington, DC., and Las Vegas are the top three meeting destinations in the United States, according to Cvent. They boast state-of-the-art facilities for salespeople: conference rooms, good infrastructure and speedy transportation links. But how do you choose a meeting venue in one of these cities? What about in other cities in the United States?

Here’s how to pick the ultimate place to host your next sales meeting.

1. Location

The location of your sales meeting venue is paramount. Look for a place that’s centrally located, either downtown or close to a well-recognized landmark. Alternatively, choose a venue with easy transport links — somewhere near a bus stop or a train station. This lets your guests get to your event on time. A hotel at an airport or on the side of the freeway, far away from the city center, isn’t always convenient for guests who rely on public transportation.

Think about the neighborhood, too. Choose a venue that’s close to local hotels — this is important if you have guests who have traveled from other cities — and restaurants in a safe area of the city.

2. Amenities

Before you book a venue for your sales meeting, find out what amenities are available. Does the venue provide you with a speaker system, for example? What about video facilities? A projector? Most venues will list any available amenities on their website. Sometimes these are included in the cost of room hire. Other times, however, you will need to pay extra to use these resources.

Food facilities are also crucial. “Catering is an important part of conferences especially if they are long and for more than a day,” says Lifehack contributor Adnan Manzoor. “The guests that you have invited need to stay happy and relaxed and for that, it is important that they are properly fed.” Find out whether catering is included in the cost of venue hire.

3. Price

The cost of a venue will depend on various factors. Most venues jack up prices during the summer, when most conferences take place. Organizing events on weekends is more expensive than during the working week, too. The number of guests at your event can also influence the price of a venue. Usually, you will need to pay a venue hire fee before your event takes place.

Some venues offer minimum spend options, where you avoid paying a venue hire fee if your visitors spend a certain amount of money on food and drink. This could work out cheaper for your business. Alternatively, you might want to charge your guests a small fee to help you recoup the costs of venue hire.

4. Size

Choose a venue that’s big enough to accommodate your event. Hotel meeting rooms usually fit the bill here. Pick one that has enough space for guests to move around the room and network. Also, make sure your venue provides enough seats for all your guests. Visitors should have a good view of the event’s speaker from their chair — wherever they are seated in the room. Improving the guest experience could result in a more successful conference.

Consider location, price, amenities and size before you choose a meeting venue. This way, you can pick the perfect place to hold your event. Don’t forget about entertainment, either. Booking a comedian or motivational speaker will keep your guests entertained and increase interaction at your event. Contact us to get started!


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