Virtual Trivia

For fifty points: What’s a fun way to engage your colleagues or employees?
Answer: Hire a professional Trivia Host for your next Virtual Event!

Professional and Experienced Virtual Hosts

With years experience planning, producing and hosting Trivia shows for corporate and company events, our hosts know how to properly plan and produce a high-quality online trivia game for you and your guests.

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A Fun and Engaging Virtual Trivia Event

With Virtual Events, it can be challenging to keep everyone attentive and engaged. Virtual Trivia is one of the most engaging forms of entertainment for your online event. Everyone is actively participating in the show.

Groups of Any Size

Whether you have a group of 5 people, or a group of 500, our Virtual Trivia Hosts can work with almost any sized group.

Customization Available

Ask us about having questions custom to your group or organization mixed in with our Trivia Host’s tried and true stock of material. We can work with you to pick the best questions to make your event relevant and entertaining.

Audience Appropriate Entertainment

Don’t worry about an off-color question making things awkward. You can feel confident that our Trivia Hosts and questions will all be work-appropriate. Our hosts are professionals who have years experience in the corporate market.

A Rewarding Experience

With social distancing and self-isolation, people are looking for a social connection. Reward your group with something fun, entertaining and engaging. Our hosts can even hand out awards to the winners (provided by you), if desired!

Corporate Game Shows

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