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World Class Mentalist and Top-Rated Entertainer for Corporate Event Entertainment: Oz Pearlman

Raves for World Class Mentalist Oz Pearlman for Corporate Events

An absolute hit with our senior leadership team and made believers out of even the most skeptical in our group. I highly recommend him for any event!” – Duncan L. Niederauer, CEO & Director, NYSE Euronext

Spectacular performer, Oz was a huge hit at our leadership conference!” – Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO, General Electric

I’ve worked with a number of guest presenters, from war heroes, to politicians, to industry experts, to athletes. None prepared or showed more passion in doing a great job for our event than Oz did!” – Stanley Tims, Executive Vice President, IBM

Wow, those are pretty strong endorsements made by some of the most powerful people in the corporate world.

So who is this guy Oz Pearlman, and why is he called upon by the likes of IBM and General Electric for their corporate entertainment?

Oz Pearlman is a world class mentalist, a mind reader extraordinaire, one of the very best in his profession. He was a major breakthrough star on America’s Got Talent and will soon be hosting his own show on NBC. Whyy is there so much hype about him?

What Can Oz Do?

Oz is a mentalist or mind reader. That means he can tell what you’re thinking. He left his job as an investment banker on Wall Street to become a full-time entertainer for corporate event entertainment.

It’s a career move that has worked out well for him – Oz is one of the best paid and most in-demand corporate event entertainers in America. He has achieved a mini-celebrity status because of tricks like guessing the ATM pass-code of passers-by or any random person in the audience.

As a mentalist, Oz is one of the very best in the world. He has this rare confidence about him and an ability to dazzle even the most cynical or jaded audiences. No one can read minds like he does, and he never gets anything wrong.

It’s no surprise that Oz is a favorite of professional athletes, top politicians, Hollywood celebs and leading Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and General Electric.

It’s not just his ability to read minds that is impressive about him – but also the way he interacts with his audience, makes them comfortable and how he makes sure everyone has fun.

World Class Mentalist Oz Pearlman Corporate Mentalist Oz Pearlman Hire Oz Pearlman - Corporate Mentalist Oz Pearlman with Steven Spielberg

Oz does about 150 live shows every year and is one of the busiest entertainers at corporate events in America. He insists that he is not a psychic, and his ability to read minds can be picked up by anyone with a lot of practice. Oz says it took him 20 years to master his craft and there is nothing weird or creepy about what he does.

A huge part of my show [is] very simple. It’s listening. A lot of the stuff I can teach is based on body language, diffusing tension,” Oz Pearlman says in an interview with CNBC.

So much of what people do when they’re having a conversation with someone else is that they’re thinking, while they’re hearing, of what they’re going to say next. So, you’re not actually listening…” Oz adds. “So, if you can, find a way to learn to turn your mind off in that moment and really listen.”

The man is a bona fide genius and we are very fortunate that he has chosen to associate with us at the Funny Business Entertainment Agency. You can book Oz right here.

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