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Best Ways to Promote Your Event Entertainment

Best Ways to Promote Event Entertainment - Funny Business Agency

You’ve planned a great event, including entertainment that you are sure you will blow your guest’s minds. (Hopefully you used Funny Business Agency to save you time and stress!) 

The problem? Convincing your staff to attend the event. With a reputation for being less than exciting sometimes, corporate events like holiday parties can be sparsely attended. Even with a close knit staff, it can be hard to get people to come out for the evening. It’s a busy time of year, weather may be a factor, it’s harder to get childcare in the evenings around the holidays.

To break through the various reasons it’s easier to say no, you should remind your team of the benefits of the party. Starting with letting your team know this isn’t the standard, boring holiday party is the first step in compelling them to attend.

Every office has a different corporate culture and style for communicating. Here are some options, ranging from fun and different to standard corporate comms. Pick what you feel is the best fit for your office and team.

Ideas to promote your corporate event entertainment:

  1. Include text on your email signature line, your internal communication platform (Slack, Skype etc) or even on pay stubs, teasing the event and great entertainment.
  2. Hang a poster in the lunchroom or other common staff gathering area hyping the event entertainment.
  3. Create an office poll, where people vote on who they think the entertainer will be or what type of entertainer it is. Staff will become curious as they see people’s votes.
  4. Create a video for your staff to hype the event.
  5. Share clues about the event entertainment and have people guess.
  6. Share reviews and feedback about the performer with your staff to get them excited.

Once your team attends the event and has a great time, every future event will be better attended.

Now you’ve got some ideas on how to promote your event entertainment. If you haven’t yet selected your entertainment, contact us today to discuss what would be best suited for your audience. 

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