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And The Winner for Best Event Type Is….

Interactive and engaging!

Hang tight to find out exactly what we mean and get all the details. 

First off, let me say; for more than 20 years we’ve helped you locate the best talent for your events. Our knowledge of what makes a great entertainer for your event is just one benefit of working with us. 

Your guests should walk away from your event talking about the experience they just shared with their co-workers (or friends, family etc.)

The best way to create that experience, hands down, is to hire an entertainer that can easily interact with a wide variety of audiences. Audience participation creates an environment like no other, a kind of buzz in the air as you watch the people you know participating and feel that hope and fear that you will be called on next!

The unexpected is what you can expect when the audience is engaged and it’s a sure way to make the event a meaningful and memorable one.

The secret here is to find the right act, one that’s a fit for your audience. We can help you determine that – just share some details and we will compile the top recommendations customized just for you.  

Now to get you started, consider the following:

1. Comedians: Clean & Professional

Comedians have one simple goal – to make you laugh. When they joke about your industry and involve your guests, it adds another layer of fun to the mix. When you want your guests to walk away laughing and feeling more connected than when they walked in the door – consider a hiring a corporate comedian for your next event. 

Hire Frank Caliendo - Impressions

2. Mentalists

A great mentalist demonstrates highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. Watch your audience look shocked and awed, as they attempt to figure out how this amazing feat is happening. How is the act actually reading their minds? It’s an event they won’t forget. Complete with laughter, awe and pure enjoyment, you can be sure this event is a hit with your audience. Tip: make sure the boss/owner has a turn with the fun – everyone will cheer as the top dog is just as baffled as the rest.

3. Magicians

Some of the best evenings are made of magic and illusions. Select an engaging magician roaming the room creating magic for guests as they mingle, or a stage show for all to enjoy as a group. Look for a magician that is engaging, will encourage the audience to get involved and feel comfortable. As always, we will find the perfect fit for your audience. Let magic fill the air at your next event. 

Corporate Mentalist Oz Pearlman

4. Bands

Look for a band that will warm the crowd up and engage them. Song requests, the most recognizable songs, great comments or stories between songs. Bands can fill the room with the energy to get even the shyest person in your audience on their feet. Once again, it’s all about knowing your audience. You share the details and we find the band to rock your guests.

A few other tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We have one job and we do it well. But we can’t always anticipate the questions and concerns you have. Ask and share anything you think is relevant. The right knowledge about your goals/guests combined with our expertise in event entertainment and you are sure to be impressed with the outcome. 
  • Make sure your invitations let your guests know exactly how great the talent you booked is. Go from eye-rolls and feelings of obligation to attend when the invite is opened, to excitement and people truly looking forward to your event.
  • Consider a photographer for your corporate event – either professional or someone you know to capture those event moments. You will be glad you did.

There is no need to go it alone. Working with Funny Business Agency ensures you have the help and support you need to create an event that will make a lasting impact on your guests.

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