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Mentalists Create Laughter, Intrigue and Memorable Events

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Why Hire A Mentalist for Your Next Event?

Mentalists deliver a night your audience won’t soon forget. Popular at company holiday parties, corporate events, college events, sales meetings, exhibitions, private events and more.

A mind-reader is a great way to engage both sides of the brain – your guests will enjoy the creative side of the show and likely feel inspired. It’s also a rare chance to engage the analytical side – as they strive to figure out how the mentalist is pulling this off.

What is a Mentalist?

Mentalists, sometimes called mind-readers, are performers that wow audiences with mind reading, predictions, jokes and generally blow your audience’s mind.
Keep in mind, they are not psychics – they don’t communicate with the dead or read your future. Mentalists amuse the audience by their brilliant ability to guess and predict.
Many mentalists are also hypnotists, magicians and comedians, although not all are.

Hire Mentalist Christopher CarterMentalists engage your audience

The great thing about mentalists is the versatility of the show. They can perform on stage or mingle with guests. The show is always entertaining and engaging. Your guests can participate by going on stage, but they don’t have to. They can stay seated, allowing your audience to interact without being in the spotlight.

Mentalists have extraordinary talent and the interactive nature of the show creates a fascinating experience for your guests. People leave mentalist shows raving about their experience.

Watching the amazement and intrigue on your guest’s face is always a thrill for event hosts.

How to hire a Mentalist

With over 30 years of experience, we are here to help you select the best mentalist for your event. Funny Business Agency is a family business, one we are passionate about. Our role is to represent YOU, not our talent. We build relationships by providing the best service and the highest quality entertainment for your business.

We would love to help you make your next event extra special. Take a minute to tell us what you are looking for and our qualified team will help you find the perfect entertainer. Call now. Not ready to call yet? That’s OK, just grab more info on our site. Discover what kind of entertainment is best suited for your event.

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