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How to Choose the Best Entertainment for Your Fundraising Event

Did you know that 65% of donors say that attending an event influenced their decision to donate? That’s why choosing the right entertainment for your fundraising event is crucial. You want to entertain and engage your guests, impress and thank your donors, and raise more money for your cause. But how do you find the best entertainment for your fundraiser?

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Here are 7 fun and creative ideas that will make your fundraising event a success:

  1. Offer something valuable.

    Virtual Chocolate Making - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

    Give your guests something they can benefit from, such as a workshop, a keynote speech, or a chocolate tasting class. Choose a topic that relates to your cause or your audience’s interests and needs.

  2. Make them laugh.

    Hire Mike Goodwin Comedian

    Nothing beats laughter when it comes to creating a positive and relaxed atmosphere. Hire a clean comedian who can make jokes that are appropriate for your audience and your cause. You can also have a comedy contest where guests can vote for their favorite comedian.

  3. Paint a picture.

    Visual Arts Entertainment - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

    Literally. Hire a live event painter who can create a stunning artwork of your event as it happens. You can auction off the painting at the end of the event or keep it as a souvenir. Or have a WOW Entertainer like a Speed Painter kick-off your event. Add Digital Caricaturists, Photo Novelties and more.

  4. Tell a story.

    Laura Schwartz - Virtual Speaker & Host - Funny Business Agency

    Stories are powerful ways to connect with your donors and motivate them to support your cause. Invite a speaker who can share their personal story of how your cause has affected their life or the lives of others. You can also show a video that showcases the impact of your work and the stories of the people you help.

  5. Play some music.

    Bella Electric Strings - Mucial Act for Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

    Musical Acts are always a great way to entertain and engage your guests. Hire a band, a DJ, or a solo artist who can play music that matches your theme and your mission. You can also have a karaoke night where guests can sing their favorite songs and donate to participate or request songs.

  6. Host a game night.

    The Big Game Show - Corporate Events - Funny Business. Agency
    Games Shows are fun and interactive ways to entertain your guests and raise money for your cause. You can host a trivia night, a bingo night, a casino night, or any other game night that suits your theme and your audience. You can charge an entry fee, sell tickets, or ask for donations to play.

  7. Make Some Magic.

    Hire Derek Hughes Corporate Magician

    Nothing works better than magic to enthrall and captivate your audience. If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to entertain your donors and raise more money for your cause, you might want to consider hiring a magician for your fundraising event.

Discover the Best Entertainment for Your Fundraising Event

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