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Funny Business: Our Booking Process

Are you wondering about our booking process?

Recently my barber retired. If you don’t go to a specific barber or have a specific hairstylist, you probably don’t understand the full weight of what I just said. The man who has held a razor to my head for the last 10 years just decided he was done cutting hair.

I am pretty lost. I can’t trust some random stranger to cut my hair. I’ve seen Sweeney Todd, I know the risks. So what am I going to do? Well, my first thought is to ask around. This could only get me so far though; just because a friend is happy with a service doesn’t mean I’ll be. My second thought is to take a look at a few reviews, which will definitely narrow down my list of options, but there are bound to be a number of barbers with great ratings. My third thought is to test a few places out….but I don’t want to have to suffer a few bad haircuts in my journey to finding the perfect barber.

It is with these distasteful solutions in my mind that I now ask myself what it is that I really want to know. The answer? I need some kind of reassurance from the actual person that is going to be cutting my hair. What I want is a look into the process that I will be going through (a little dramatic for a haircut I know, but when you look like me you have to do all you can).

Where am I going with this?

Well, I figure if I want a layout of the process for something as simple as a haircut, my clients’ probably want the same. So, below is a list of the steps you can expect to go through when working with Funny Business.

1. Learning About Your Event

When you contact us for our services, the first thing we need to do is learn a little bit about your event. In order for us to give you the perfect entertainment options, we need to know as much as possible about what you are looking to accomplish. This means asking a few questions. We like to know things like:

  • What is the occasion for your event? (Sales Meeting? Trade Show? Holiday Party? Convention? Etc.)
  • How many people will be attending your event?
  • How are you planning to use the entertainment? (During the day? Before or after a dinner? Etc.)
  • Do you have a theme? Or an overall event purpose?
  • Do you have a budget range?
  • Do you have a location?
  • What is your event date?
  • What performers have you had in the past?

I know all of those questions can be a little overwhelming, but you don’t have to know every answer just yet. Give your best guess and let us know if you are unsure about anything. But know that the more information we have, the easier it will be to find the perfect entertainer for your event.

2. Providing Entertainment Options

After getting a good grasp on your wants, needs, and the particulars of your event, we can begin our search. Usually within one business day, we will have a few different entertainment options for you to go over. We will provide you with information like what each entertainer does, their experience, their history, who they normally perform for, and what people have said or are saying about them. We will also provide links to videos, websites, and other helpful resources that will allow you to get a good feel for each performer.

3. The Offer and The Contract

Once you decide upon the entertainment you’d like and get back to us, we can start drafting a formal offer. This will include the price you are offering, the date(s) of your event and any other necessary event details. If the performer agrees to your offer, we will issue a contract that includes the show specifics, payment details, etc. We will then go over any questions you may have about the contract or the entertainer at large.

Once the contract is signed and the deposit is received there will be some pre-show check-ins with the entertainer or manager. These check-ins generally take place a week or so before the performance date so that you can go over final details of the event with the entertainer or their manager.

4. The Event and Beyond

We will follow up with you in the days following the event to see how everything went and to make sure the entertainment matched (or went beyond) your expectations. If you would like, we will contact you in the future about any other events we may be able to help with.

One of the hardest things about committing to a new business is not knowing just exactly what you’re getting into. Hopefully, this step-by-step list will make you a little more comfortable with what we do as an agency. It is really a simple, clean cut process.

Now if I could only find a barber to follow our lead….

Ready to book? If our booking process sounds good to you, click below to reach out to us. We can get started planning your entertainment right now.

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