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4 Benefits of Working with an Entertainment Agency

Here at Funny Business, we have come to realize something over the years. A lot of our potential clients aren’t aware of the benefits an entertainment agency can provide. It struck us as odd at first but it actually should have been a pretty obvious problem. If someone has never worked with an entertainment agency before, how would they know of its advantages? I mean, can you truly understand the benefit of a tool or resource if you haven’t used it?

4 Benefits of working with an entertainment agency

With that question in mind, we wanted to list out some of the top benefits of working with a qualified agency. Take a look.

What is the Benefit of Working with an Entertainment Agency?

1. They save you time and energy

I know this seems like a rather apparent benefit, but it is hard to understand the sheer enormity of ‘saving time and energy’ unless you have booked with an agency before. There are a number of entertainment options to choose from and countless entertainers within each option. You have to sort through hundreds of performers, hunting down testimonials, watching videos, and finding contact information. This isn’t a menial task in the slightest. If you want your entertainment to blow your guests out of the water you are going to have to put in the hours.

With an agency, however, this process becomes simple, clean, and clear. An established entertainment agency should be able to provide you with appropriate options for your event within a day or two and they won’t allow their reputation to be damaged by working with unreliable performers. An agency should take care of everything, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the event.

2. They minimize risk

Even after hours of researching a specific act, you can’t be sure if what you’re seeing is what you are going to get. An entertainer can look great on the surface but not deliver when showtime arrives. Perhaps even worse, they could be everything you were hoping for on-stage, but be completely unprofessional off. We have heard nightmarish stories of performers getting drunk, making ridiculous demands, and taking offense to odd things. This is the last thing you want.

When working with an agency, you minimize the risk of something like this happening. They have done their research and worked with many entertainers before. An agency will know who is professional and who isn’t. They know who is talented and who isn’t. An experienced agent will know who is right for your event and who isn’t.

3. They are “in the know”

You might find the perfect entertainer for your event, but not know how to reach them. Do you call them directly? Do you call their agent? Do they have an agent? Where do you get that information?

When trying to reach certain entertainers, it pays to have connections. An agency has more and better connections to more and better talent than other help sources, and since your success is their success you can count on them to deliver.

4. They have experience

If you work with an entertainment agency like Funny Business, you will be gaining a partner who has 25+ years of experience. That is something that just can’t be beaten, especially if you are new to the world of event planning. Beyond the knowledge and instincts that come with years in the industry, an agency should be able to help you navigate things like drafting and negotiating a contract. On your own, things like this can be confusing and could end up leading to problems down the road. With an agency they become simple.

We can’t promise that every entertainment agency out there will provide these same benefits or that they will provide them in the same way we will, but this is what you should be getting from an agency; a clean, clear, and simple process. Booking entertainment doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming in the slightest.

Want to start exploring your entertainment options today? Contact us to get a hand-picked, high quality list of entertainers unique to you and your event!

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