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High tech entertainment are visually stunning performances that in high demand thanks to shows like America’s Got Talent, where many of these acts were first showcased to the masses. High technology entertainers are perfect for modern corporate events, holiday corporate parties, creative industry events, and more.

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What is High Tech Entertainment

What is High Technology Entertainment?

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High technology entertainment are acts that use light, gadgets, digital technology, lasers, and special effects to create breathtaking performances.

This can include the use of digital technology for magic acts, light and laser shows, video projections, stop motion, green screen use, digital caricatures, digital music, and so much more. High tech entertainment is incredibly varied and creative, and no two acts are the same.

High Tech Entertainers

High Technology Acts

Digital Deception is one of the best virtual entertainers.

High Tech Entertainment: Digital Magicians

Magic isn’t limited to simple physical feats, now our digital world can be used to create awe-inspiring digital magic shows. Digital magicians bring a love of magic and technology to the stage and create something unique. Digital Deception is a duo of digital magicians creating magic shows for the future.

High Tech Entertainment: Virtual Reality Rental

While virtual reality is something niche gamers have in their homes, the majority of us have yet to don the headset and immerse ourselves in a virtual world. If you’re looking to offer a fun and unique experience for your event floor, virtual reality rental is a great option.

High Tech Entertainment: Time Stoppers 

Time Stoppers 360 is a photo booth unlike any other, it captures a 360-degree photo that can be shared with friends and on social media. This is a great addition to any conference, convention, event, or party, and our technicians will be on-site to manage it for you.

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High Tech Entertainment: Digital Performances 

Performers like X POSÉ combine video imagery and live physical performance to create stunning and unique entertainment that takes the audience on a journey. Many of these performers can even add your branding into their shows for a completely custom presentation.

 High Tech Entertainment: Light and Laser Shows  

Light and laser performances are breathtaking and add a whole new element to dances, musical performances, and video projections. Dance teams like iLuminate have been wowing audiences since 2011 with their unique use of movement and light.

Booking High Tech

How to Book High Tech Entertainment

Time Stoppers 360 - High Tech Entertainment - Funny Business Agency

With so many new high technology acts, it can be difficult to know what would suit your event. To find out what acts will wow your audience, give us a call or reach out to us via our contact form and we’ll match you with the perfect act/s.

Funny Business Agency  stays on top of the latest trends and newest in high tech entertainment. Find the best in Photo Tech, Laser Shows, Virtual Reality and more. See a few ideas below.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is high-tech entertainment?

High-tech entertainment refers to the use of advanced technology to enhance and deliver immersive entertainment experiences. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality (VR), LED Light Performers, photo experiences, holographic projections, and interactive installations to create unique and captivating entertainment options.

What are the benefits of incorporating high-tech entertainment into corporate events?

Incorporating high-tech entertainment into corporate events offers several benefits. It enhances attendee engagement, creates a buzz and excitement around the event, provides unique branding opportunities, and sets the event apart from competitors. High-tech entertainment also appeals to tech-savvy audiences, demonstrating a company’s innovative and forward-thinking approach.

Can high-tech entertainment be customized for specific events or themes?

Absolutely! High Technology entertainment can be customized to suit specific events, themes, or branding requirements.