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How to Get College Students to Your Campus Event

An open letter to event and party planners:

Who We Are

Funny Business Agency has been in business for 30+ years. We are a family business with a passion for quality entertainment. Our clients are office managers or admin assistants or someone from an entertainment committee that are tasked with planning a corporate event. We also work with nonprofits in the same capacity. We also work with individuals that are planning events like a reunion, wedding, large birthday celebration or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We’ve procured entertainment for events big and small.

Our large national network of entertainers allows us to find the perfect person for your event. Matching talent with audience is a finely honed skill of ours.

Whether you want an act that is traditional or you are looking for something outside the box, we can find the perfect act for your event.

We have the acts

Now that you know what we do and who we help, let’s explore a little about how you benefit.

As an event planner you have a Rolodex full of vendors and suppliers that you use to pull off a successful event. No matter what a client requests in terms of theme, decor, food and event staff, you know who to call to get the job done.

However, many event planners we have encountered don’t have a large Rolodex of talent they can call on. Many event planners don’t have experience negotiating with talent. Rather than add extra time and pressure to a job, having us in your Rolodex is an easy way to pull in the entertainment that is needed without hurting your bottom line.

Party planners need the path of least resistance. Quick and easy with predictable high quality outcomes is what you are looking for.

Regardless of the type of talent you require for an event you are planning, we can provide the best suggestions to fit your audience and negotiate the best deal for you.

We Eliminate Stress and Worry for Event Planners

The day of, you can eliminate stress and worry about riders, the act showing up and the quality of the act.  Leave that to us, while you manage seating issues and catering and all the last minute issues that can pop up in those areas. 

We are successfully working with event planners and honestly, we are enjoying it. So we put this call out there to event planners and party planners to connect with us. Let’s build a relationship that helps you deliver the highest quality entertainment to your clients.

Let Funny Business Help

Party and Event planners call or email us for great ideas and let us take care of all your entertainment worries. Contact us.

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