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4 Tips for Hiring a Corporate Comedian that will Keep it Clean

One of the hardest things about hiring a corporate comedian is the anxiety that comes along with their jokes. The constant worry over whether or not offense might be given is too much to bear. With just a few words, your event could be ruined, so the question must be asked, is it really worth it to hire a comedian?

Hiring a Corporate Comedian

Are you thinking about hiring a corporate comedian? Despite this common fear, when working with professionals it is highly unlikely to run into any trouble in this regard. One bad review can ruin an entertainer’s business entirely; they don’t want their audience to be offended or hurt, they want to make them laugh. They want you and your guests to be pleased so that they can continue doing what they love. Don’t believe me? Well, here are a few things you can do to ensure you hire a comedian that keeps it clean.

Search for clean comedians

Clean comedians are comedians that have made a living specifically in staying away from raunchy material. They do not get laughs from making controversial assertions or pointing out stereotypes that might offend, they take situations from their everyday lives and find humor in them. These comedians know what you are looking for and know how to send a crowd into an eruption of laughter with clean jokes. When you start your search for a comedian search for “clean” and you’ll come up with plenty of options for appropriate comics.

Look for experience

An experienced comedian doesn’t make it to “experienced” without knowing how to give an audience (and the person signing their paycheck) what they want. If an experienced comedian has made any mistakes in performing a set with inappropriate jokes, they have learned from it, trust me.

To find comedians experienced with audiences like yours, I suggest taking a look at corporate comedians. They now how to deliver while keeping things appropriate.

Be explicit with your needs

While a professional comedian most likely won’t need help in knowing what is appropriate and what isn’t, you can always create a list of topics or types of joke that should be avoided. Talk to your entertainer and make sure they know exactly what you’re looking for. Spell out exactly what you want to avoid. Your comic will understand your needs and should be more than willing to comply

*Disclaimer: Making your needs known does not mean micromanaging a comedian’s set. They are creatives and each has their own individual style and sense of humor. Let them do their thing.

Work with a professional agency

Being an Entertainment Agency ourselves I know this sounds like self-promotion, but hey, we are good at what we do. An Entertainment Agency or another professional will be able to take a look at your event and know what you need. They should have a list of appropriate comedians for your event; comedians with great track records for events like yours. You can trust an agency to pair you up with the right comedian for you. They have experience and should only work with those they can trust to come through for their clients.

Hire a Corporate Comedian

Comedians are great to work with and are an amazing option for entertainment. They appeal to wide demographics, they help put guests at ease, and well….they’re hilarious! Don’t let fear of offense stop you from hiring a great performer.

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