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4 Virtual Client Appreciation Ideas

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It’s the end of the year and you’re looking for a unique way to thank your clients for their patronage. You could give them all a small gift card as a token of your appreciation. But that’s pretty standard and, honestly, not that creative or interesting.

Why not host an online client appreciation event instead? That way you can actually engage your clients in a face-to-face manner and build memories with them that they won’t soon forget! Keep reading to learn our top four virtual client appreciation ideas.

1. Virtual Performances

When it comes to virtual client appreciation ideas, you can’t go wrong with a live performance — especially if it’s of the comedic or magical variety.

There are plenty of talented comedians who will perform for your clients via Zoom or a different video conferencing app of your choice. Some of them can even be hired to work in custom jokes that relate to the specific folks/companies you serve.

A performance by a virtual magician is another great way to say “Thanks!” These kinds of magic shows will leave your audience breathless in wonder.

2. Digital Culinary Adventures

Maybe you want to host a more hands-on client appreciation event. If so, we suggest a digital culinary adventure such as a virtual mixology class or chocolate tasting experience.

Book a professional instructor to teach you and your clients how to make delicious cocktails from scratch via Zoom. That’s right, social distancing during the pandemic can be WAY more fun if you book a virtual mixology class for you and your clients.

A virtual chocolate tasting experience is another option for your online client appreciation shindig. These kinds of events are hosted by a professional chocolatier who guides audiences through a variety of chocolates to taste. (Note: chocolate kits are sent to client pre-event.)

3. Online Game Nights

Our “hands-on” virtual client appreciation ideas don’t all revolve around food. You can also host a super fun online game night for patrons of your business.

For example, you could put together a virtual trivia event. Bring in a professional host and let your clients compete against each other for a prize. Or, you could host a digital escape room for each of your top customers and see if they can escape before the clock hits zero.

Online game nights are entertaining, interactive, and sure to build lasting relationships between you and the folks that keep your business in the black.

4. Custom Songs and Videos

Looking to add a personal touch to your client appreciation gift? Why not hire a professional to write a custom song and/or shoot a music video for your top client(s)?

We’re serious! Incredibly talented professionals like Eric Schwartz will write an original song about your client and shoot a video to go with it. Then all you have to do is host a client appreciation Zoom meeting and debut the track for them.

Trust us, they’ll love the experience — guaranteed.

Build Your Business With Virtual Client Appreciation Ideas

The four virtual clients appreciation ideas above will help you connect with your clients on a deeper level. We encourage you to try one of them out!

When it comes time to book a comedian, chocolatier, trivia night host, or some other kind of entertainer, give us a call. At Funny Business, we have over 25 years of experience booking the top performers for a variety of different events, including client appreciation.

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