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What To Expect When You Hire A Comedian

You’ve made the decision to hire a comedian for your next event.

Great! Here’s a look at the next steps.  

Funny Business Agency will discuss your needs, budget, goals, venue, and audience. 

In order for us to match you with the funniest and most appropriate comedian for  your event, we need to understand your audience. 

You will find us flexible and easy to work with. We offer a large pool of talent to choose from. 30+ years of nurturing our network gives you the opportunity to access the best of the best. Our relationships with our talent are good and we can ensure they will be of the highest quality.

We offer celebrity comedians, however if your budget doesn’t allow for that, we also have a large network of other reliably funny comedians.

We will discuss the event location and type. Typically, you can hire a comedian for:

  • Corporate Christmas Parties
  • Conference & Convention Entertainment
  • College Events
  • Comedy Clubs, Theaters, Music Clubs, and Event Venues
  • Sales Meetings
  • Charity Events
  • Meeting Entertainment
  • Award Banquets and Celebration Galas
  • Private Parties & Fundraisers
  • Grand Openings
  • Product Launches
  • And more…

Whatever event you have in mind, Funny Business can help you find the perfect entertainment to delight your guests.

Whether your event is small or quite large, we have the resources to handle your event. 

We are known for quality entertainers, flexibility, top notch service and for getting repeat business from our customers. Our experience guides you each step of the way, ensuring the process is stress-free. No detail is overlooked.

We will also review what kind of comedian you are looking to book. For example:

Do you want a duo? A clean comedian? A corporate comedian? Are you looking for a roast? Do you want props? Or Improv?

After the initial in-take process, we use our network, experience and knowledge to select the best comedian for your event. Please note that it helps to have a date for the event, so we can  check the availability of our talent.

After you’ve selected the comedian you want to entertain your guests, we will help you with the rider and contracts. The process is quite easy with us guiding you and helping each step of the way.

In some cases the comedian you selected will tailor their material to the audience. The more your audience can relate to the comedian’s stories and jokes, the louder the laughter. Please note this depends on the comedian you choose and there is typically an increased fee for this.

On the day of the event, you can expect:

  • Your entertainment will arrive on time and ready to perform.
  • Your entertainer will have appropriate material and will only perform clean content (unless otherwise indicated).
  • Your comedian will be professional.
  • Lots of laughter! We have the best reputation for consistently delivering comedy that delights and amuses audiences.
  • Material that is tailored to your audience (if applicable)
  • A great time will be had by all.

Working with an agency to help procure your talent saves time, stress and often money too. The process is smooth and simple, with us guiding you each step of the way.

If you are looking for entertainment for an event during the holiday season, you typically want to start looking and get ready to finalize between August and October, or even sooner. While we can typically accommodate last minute requests, you will have the best selection of entertainers if you start early. 

Some helpful tips for you:

  • If you like the style and humor of a particular comedian, tell us. We know our network of talent well and we can find similar comedians if the one you wanted is not available.
  • Ensure your venue is locked in before you book the entertainment with us.
  • Don’t rely on a couple YouTube clips of comedians to determine what would work for your event. Without any real insight into the comedians core competencies, it’s difficult to be certain they are a good fit. Use video to get a feel for what may be possible and then talk to us.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have. We are here to put our 30+ years of experience to use for you.


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