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 Tips for Hiring For Community Fundraiser Entertainment  

Hiring entertainment for a community fundraiser can be a great way to draw a crowd and make your event successful. With the right acts, you can bring in more donations, attract new attendees, and create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Lets get started with the best practices for hiring entertainment for your next fundraiser. 

Fundraiser Entertainment

Research Your Community Fundraiser Entertainment Options 

Research is essential when it comes to finding the right entertainment for your event. The right entertainment will keep your event interesting, fun, and engaging. The wrong entertainment will have a detrimental effect on your fundraising goals and worse, create an awkward experience that people will want to soon forget. To ensure you get the most out of your budget and your entertainment , explore a wide variety of different types of entertainment  Look through local listings and ask your friends or contacts if they know of any great acts you could use. You can also attend other fundraisers that feature high-quality entertainment to give yourself an idea of what type of performers you are looking for! Of course, you can always reach out to a reputable entertainment agency that has decades of experience matching the right entertainment with all types of event types and event audiences. 

Set a Budget for the Event 

It is important to plan ahead and set a budget for entertainment expenses. This gives you the freedom to select performers within your price range and allows you to avoid having unexpected costs during the planning process. Determine the amount of money you can spend per hour and consider different options, such as full bands, DJs, comedians, or magicians. Pay attention to any other costs associated with hiring performers, such as equipment rental fees, travel expenses, lodging expenses and miscellaneous rider expenses. 

Understand Your Goals for the Fundraiser

Before you hire any entertainment for your fundraiser, it’s important to consider the goals and purpose of the event. Are you looking to provide fun and entertainment for attendees or are you trying to increase donations? This understanding will help guide your decisions when it comes to selecting entertainment. Consider choosing acts that match the theme of the fundraiser or that connect with the mission and values of your organization. 

Create a Comprehensive Timeline for Planning and Preparation

 Planning your fundraiser entertainment does not need to be a daunting task. Start planning early and create a comprehensive time line outlining all the steps you will need to take for a successful event. This could include research, budgeting, choosing vendors, marketing the event, and setting up logistics – from sound systems to seating arrangements. By following a time line your team can stay on track and organized to prepare for a successful event!

Develop an Audience Profile to Choose the Right Act

 When considering different acts for your fundraiser, it is important to take the audience profile into account. Begin by asking yourself questions like, who is attending? What age group are they in? Do they have any preferences when it comes to entertainment or activities? Once you have an approximate demographic, make sure to find entertainment that will cater specifically to that particular audience. This way, you can be certain that the performers you hire choose material and activities that will be well-received!

Find the Right Entertainment for Your Community Fundraiser 

Working with an experienced entertainment agency, like Funny Business Agency, will ensure you are hiring the right type of entertainer.

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