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Fundraiser Entertainment Success Tips

Tips on why entertainment can be the key to fundraiser success

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  • What makes an event successful? Most people would say success for a fundraiser event would be a good turn out, fund raised and good exposure for the charity.
  • How can you ensure you accomplish that for your next event?
  • Believe it or not, your entertainment is a huge contributor to the success of your fundraiser.

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How Entertainment Can Increase the Success of Your Event – Tips

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  • A great entertainer (especially a celebrity entertainer) can be a huge draw for your event creating higher attendance.
  • Great entertainment puts people in a great mood. Being in a great mood makes people more likely to donate more.
  • The entertainment shows your guests that you think they are worth the expense of the evening’s entertainment – which makes them feel special.
  • Some entertainment acts will promote the event, letting people know they will be there – creating more exposure for you.
  • Photos of the great entertainment can be used to promote your next event.
  • The more people enjoy your event, the more they want to support you and talk about the event and the cause.
  • Allow online donations. Have your guests share pics of the event, specifically the entertainer – have them ask family and friends to contribute.

Investing in your entertainment is not something you will ever regret. More Fundraiser Entertainment Success Tips available here. See our Your Complete Guide to Fundraiser Entertainment here.

Where to Find Entertainment

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