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As a plucky schoolboy with a burning desire to entertain, Will began honing his performance skills. Tiring of his day job, by age 10, he began impressing crowds on nights and weekends as his mother chauffeured him around the suburbs of Chicago. He has since opened for the Presidents of the United States of America, charmed hordes of Harley riders, enchanted university students, and entertained at corporate events across the nation. His relentless devotion to his craft has left him with amazing skills and very few friends. You will laugh at his unique brand of humor, and become filled with awestruck wonderment at his champion juggling skills and award-winning beard.

Will Oltman spent his time in design school grabbing up awards and practical experience and hasn’t looked back since graduation. Internationally recognized and head of his own company, Oltman, a juggler and jazz trumpeteer, has channeled a life of variety into his work. Boomerangs, ministry, Taekwondo, woodworking and street performing spur Oltman to design.

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