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Virtual Poker - Employee Engagement and Team Building

Virtual Poker

Employee Engagement & Team Building

Company culture and employee engagement are more important than ever. HR Managers and team leaders are tasked with creating a cohesive work environment in a remote world and virtual poker events is a great way to bridge those gaps. Whether your company has 10 remote workers or 5,000 offices around the world, we’re here to help bring everyone together.

Employee Engagement and Team Building

Engagement has to be a two-way conversation and virtual poker events offers just the right amount of friendly competition to make that happen. Live dealers are always there to help curate the experience and create a space where everyone can interact. A dedicated Event Manager will help plan every step of the way. From the lessons table to the Final Table, we make team building unique and memorable.

Dealers Make the Difference

When guests enter the video call they are greeted by their Tournament Director. From there each virtual poker table has a real dealer in the breakout room with the players. The computer deals the cards but by actively engaging with guests, explaining the game, answering questions and keeping the event lively, our dealers truly do make the difference.


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