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7 guys. Multiple ways of making music using only their voices. What they do is far more than a-cappella. They are a band without a band.

Having met in school and gospel choir they quickly discovered that they were doing more than just singing songs, they all discovered perfect hyper vocal capabilities. That’s why Naturally 7 call their music „vocal play“. Every band member has his preferred style, or favorite songs and together they can interpret them all. Naturally 7 summon up soul, rap, rock and folk in one harmonious balance.

Nowadays they have famous fans such as Michael Bublé (whom they joined on 3 world tours), Coldpay („Fix you“ is one of the finest adaptions of music you can imagine), Quincy Jones (who called them „best a-cappella band worldwide), Herbie Hancock (listen to their H. Hancock medley) and many others.

Their repertoire is a mix of their own compositions and cover versions.

This year they are celebrating their 20th anniversary which will be accompanied by new releases and remixes of famous hits (such as „Wall of Sound“). They happily participated in CBS’ new TV format  “World’s Best“ which will air from February to April 2019. And of course: they tour around the world!


  • World tours as special guests of Michael Bublé 
  • Special guest for Coldplay, Diana Ross 
  • 6 Album-releases between 2002 and 2015 
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