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Are you looking to hire Flipbooks?  Introducing Flip Book America – where we give you and your guests the opportunity to star in your very own flip book! That’s right; remember the flip books that you sketched as a child? Now we replace those silly stick figures with sixty pictures of you and your friends – being fabulous. The result is an unforgettable experience that delivers a personal party favor. All of this in less then 2 minutes!

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Corporate Events

Planning a corporate event? Put Flip Book America’s team of event experts to work for you! We’ve built our reputation based on the superiority of our service, the passion of our people, and the quality of our product.

Ask About Flipbooks for Your Next:
•  Holiday Party
•  Team Building Event
•  Open House
•  Company Picnic
•  Trade Show
•  Promotional Event
•  Grand Opening
•  Awards Banquet

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Trade Shows

For trade shows, it’s the ideal way to get a potential customer’s undivided attention for 3 minutes.

Be one of the top attractions at your next trade show, with flipbooks being made onsite in your booth. Your sales people will have ample time to network with prospective clients. Attendees will be taking their books back to their offices – so not only is your company name or logo seen first, we can also add your salesperson’s business cards in the back. You will be remembered! Flipbooks are perfect for hospitality suites, cocktail parties or gala events.

Flip Books brings years of marketing experience to your booth to pull in potential clients, engage them with your message, and provide tools to maximize your investment in us. We will put your name not only on every attendee’s tongue but it will be shared with everyone who views the flipbook in the future.

No other product can offer you this type of receptive and captive audience, especially for our low cost.

“Our booth was the busiest at the show and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because of our product. I’d like to thank you Flip Book America for providing a ton of new leads at an otherwise routine trade show. Our logo is now out there on hundreds of Flipbooks that people are sure to show off to colleagues and co-workers.”  -Credit Union League – Tony Kis

Provides Quality Time for Prospective Customers
Draws Large Crowds
Great Logo and Name Retention
Very Unique – Not the Same Old Giveaway

Our turn-key and hassle-free approach allow you a chance to sit back and enjoy your event while we take care of the logistics and the business behind it. Simply provide us with a venue and we’ll provide extraordinary results. Hire Flipbooks for your next event!

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