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Fear No Ice – Live Ice Carving Show

Hire Fear No Ice for your next corporate event, trade show or holiday party! Fear No Ice is the world’s first and only performance ice sculpting company.

Fear No Ice is an entertainment entity that will keep your guests on the edge of their seats for 20 to 40 minutes and leave them begging for more. A combination of action adventure, slapstick, drama and audience participation, Fear No Ice offers an experience which will not soon be forgotten.

Show time-frame:

The average show is about 20-30 minutes; the length of our shows are flexible and mostly up to the client’s agenda for the event. They can do any show and have the same end result in whatever time frame is given to them.

It doesn’t matter if you give us 10 minutes or 45 minutes, in all our shows, some difficult pieces are pre-sculpted. They are done ahead of time and waiting to be incorporated in the final design. This helps the show go quickly, keeps it flowing, holds audience attention, it’s been this way for ten years. This is simply how it’s done.

Custom Ice Sculpture Show

They also offer a Custom Show for clients with a particular vision and unlimited imagination. Whichever show you choose the antics below are included as much as possible, so there is no one show that is better than the other. It is just a matter of choosing the show that fits your needs and the needs of your client.

See Live Ice Carving

The lights dim, leaving only up lighting on the stage. Fog billows from the stage, spot lights roam the room searching for the source of the music as video art is projected on to a white scrim screen set behind the stage. (Fear No Ice uses their own original soundtrack and video art.)

What is happening, the audience anticipation mounts as Fear No Ice costumed performers (Ice Men) begin their approach to the stage stopping to interact with pre-selected guests still leaving the audience with wonder of what is yet to come and chuckles from the playful banter with guests until they finally reach the stage.

Onstage the music explodes as the Ice Men (IM) don their chainsaws and chisels to unveil a massive wall of ice, finally offering the audience a glimpse of what is about to unfold in front of their very eyes. You have five shows to select from, and you decide if Fear No Ice opens, closes or takes place in the middle of your overall program.

Throughout this process performers continue to engage the audience bringing an element of surprise and laughter….jumping on and off the stage with umbrellas to shield guests from flying ice and snow; placing a sculpted ice frame in front of a guest while a Polaroid snapshot is taken; offering a foot massage to a guest as their foot is placed on a block of ice hidden under a table.

Audience interaction is endless and always improvised as the crowd craves the attention of the Ice Men.

Fear No Ice challenges you… Just try to top this at next years party!.

FNI offers five shows: The Logo Reveal Show, The Rock n Roll Guitar Show, The Ice Chopper Show, The CEO Show, and The Table and Chairs Show.


Imagine a solitary ice box on the stage, the average size roughly 4’ x 4’ x 8’. As the lights come up, the audience becomes aware of movement and sound coming from inside. It’s the Ice Men, stuck inside, slowly cutting themselves out. First, an arm, then a leg or a head appears. Finally, portions of the ice box come crashing down as the Ice Men break free of the icy prison.

Three performers step out and begin carving away at the remaining ice. Two Ice Men work feverishly, perhaps creating your company logo on a podium or something symbolic of the event’s theme. The third Ice Man is busy with tasks toward the back of the stage, though it’s not clear exactly what he’s up to.

Once the objects are carved the traditional toast is under way. But wait — there are one too many performers on stage. The two real carvers begin stripping the imposter’s costume away, first the jacket and finally the hat and sunglasses, to reveal your CEO. The costume is large enough to encompass a fully dressed person. A microphone is brought to the stage as the CEO steps to the logo-ed podium to address the audience and join the Ice Men for the traditional toast.


This high energy performance begins with a veiled wall of ice approximately 8′ by 6′, looming at the rear of the stage. This wall of ice is transformed in front of your eyes by the performers as they carve away piece by piece to reveal your logo sculpted out of ice.

In some performances portions of the wall are covered in spiky shards of ice and snow for effect. Hidden behind them are objects that accent your logo, adding an element of creativity your event. In other performances, portions of the wall are moved to create objects that work with your event theme or logo, which helps drive home whatever message you need your attendees to leave with. Whether it’s just artwork, letters, logos or numbers, your creation will be revealed at the end of the show with a traditional toast.


Once you have decided Fear No Ice is the ultimate entertainment for your event; we will design a custom show that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Anything is possible. We can create a story, fulfill a vision, work with your theme and add pyrotechnics to thrilling effect. There are absolutely no limitations.



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