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Speed Painter Brian Olsen is perfect to WOW your audience for corporate events, fundraisers and more.

About Brian Olson’s Speed Painting

Brian Olsen’s Art In Action is an explosion, a colorful display of paint, energy, music and passion.

Brian Olsen’s energy is infectious. To witness the explosion of lines, shapes and colors onto the canvas is to experience creativity in its most kinetic form. And it’s most entertaining. But it’s a lot more than just entertainment. It truly is “Art In Action”.

In less than 10 minutes Brian Olsen can turn an oversized canvas into a work of art. And a venue of people into a sea of creative souls.

Using six brushes simultaneously and often just his hands, he’ll paint the perfect likeness of famous musicians, sports legends, iconic movie stars and historic figures. Portraits that capture the colorful personalities behind the faces.

Now, demand for Brian’s unique skill takes him all over the world. From West Coast to East Coast. And from Western Europe to the Middle East.

For a truly inspirational presentation (your next corporate event, sales meeting or festival) it takes the truly inspiring performance of Brian Olsen

Brian Olson’s Testimonials

“The show was fabulous and feedback was 100% positive. Given we hadn’t announced what the entertainment was, it was not only a huge surprise, the shock value of Brian’s performance was wonderful. The execution and timing were flawless.” -Motorola

“People are still talking about Brian’s performance at our January AT&T Sales Kick–Off In Atlanta…he was quite a hit!”  -AT&T

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  • Sprint - AT&T - Motorola 
  • Samsung CBS 
  • Denver Nuggets 
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