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How to Announce a Major Entertainment Booking


Have you booked a celebrity or a big name act?

Are you wondering how to make the most out of your announcement?

In this post you’ll learn a few tips on how to effectively plan and execute an entertainment booking announcement.

Make a Plan

Make a Plan to Announce a Major Event - Funny Business Agency

Timeline and Time frame are extremely important

You probably don’t want to make an entertainment announcement for a show that’s a year away and you definitely don’t want to make one a week before the show either. If you announce your show too far from the event’s date, people might forget about it, and if you announce it too close then not enough people will hear about it.

So when should you announce it?

You need to find a good middle ground. Take your audience’s characteristics into consideration: Where do they get information and how frequently do they check these information sources? You’ll also need to be aware of the news media’s publishing schedules, and the promotional collateral you have available.

Can you leak teasers every week? Every three days? You don’t want your teasers to be too infrequent, but you don’t want to over saturate your messaging and step on your own toes.

Start with your event’s date and work backwards. You need to give media an announcement at least a month in advance if you want it to get published.

Gather all promotional materials

What you’ll need to do is gather everything you can find that can be used to promote your show. This will show you how many promotional messages you can have and it will make it easier for when you begin to create your schedule.

Look for media like:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Artists biographies and credits
  • Other webpages

The agent you booked the entertainment with will be able to provide you with hi-resolution head shots and photographs in addition to your entertainers biography and credit list.

They may or may not have a list of video links and other links that contain reviews and interviews relevant to your artist. If they don’t, you’ll need to seek these out yourself.

Wondering how to find images to promote your event? See our blog post.

Make a list of your communication channels

Now make a list of your available channels that you can utilize to communicate your messages.

These might be:

  • Email List
  • Social Media (Personal and Non Personal)
  • News Media
  • Website
  • Event Listings
  • Real World (Face to face)

Know your audience

To most effectively reach your audience, you need to know the best channels to communicate your message through. Where and how do they receive information? For some, e-mail is a great medium and for others it may be social media.

Build awareness and anticipation

read all about it - make an announcement of your entertainment booking announcement

Make an announcement of the announcement

To get the most of your announcement, make an announcement of an announcement. Send out a press release and a message on all your communication channels.

This builds intrigue and interest. People will begin to wonder, “Who could it be?” As people continue to guess, it creates conversations between people both online and off line.

Brainstorm Teasers

If you have the promotional collateral available, you can give hints of who the act may be on a regular basis leading up to your big reveal. Let people guess and don’t confirm or deny anything. They need to wait until your official announcement to find out!


Now comes the big reveal: Who you booked! When it’s appropriate, send out a press release with the announcement and send out messages on all of your communication channels. Try to make your announcement at the beginning of the day. This will give time for your information to spread throughout the day.

Monitor Social Media and the Web

It’s important to monitor and participate in conversations relating to your event both before and after the announcement. Do this by monitoring any notifications on your social media profiles. What’s even more effective is using a social media monitoring tool like Hootsuite and a web monitoring tool like Google Alerts. Set-up and save searches/alerts for the name of your organization, the name of the event, and the name of your artist in addition to any other relevant key terms.

Be consistent with your promotional messages

Consistency is key if you want to stay in the minds of your audience. Everyone tunes into information channels at different times. A varied and consistent approach ensures that your message is reaching everyone, from the early birds to the night owls.

Follow through with your plan

Executing a well thought out and structured plan is a sure way to make the most out of your major entertainment booking announcement. Put your plan on a word document by date, in a spreadsheet, or your favorite calendar program. You can even create alerts to prompt you when you need to take action.

Wondering about how you should plan out other aspects of your event? Click below to contact us.

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