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Why You Should Hire a Comedian for Your Corporate Event

Why You Should Hire a Comedian for Your Corporate Event

Everyone likes to laugh. I mean, laughter generally means happiness and some amount of joy, right? But then again, all entertainment (assuming it is actually entertaining) lifts the spirits to some extent. So why should you hire a comedian for your corporate event?

A comedian comes with risks after all. They might tell an offensive joke, insult guests, or just not be funny. So why not go with a different form of entertainment?

Comedians aren’t right for every event, and they do come with certain risks (most of which can be easily dispelled), but most people don’t realize the extreme benefits comedians can offer. Take a look at the science behind laughter to see if a comedian might be the right choice for your corporate entertainment.

The Science of Laughter

A good comedian should be able to make your attendees laugh, hopefully hysterically, but beyond the obvious good mood that comes with laughing, there are a lot of bonuses a chuckle carries.

1. Stress Relief

If you are an avid party goer, you may not realize the amount of stress an event can bring to those attending. At a corporate event, there can be a lot of pressure on guests to be personable, remember names, avoid embarrassment, and to make good impressions on their superiors and colleagues. All of these this can lead to a guest having a terrible time before they even walk through the door.

The good news is a comedian can relieve it. It’s no secret that laughter can reduce anxiety and stress. But to what extent? Laughter relaxes the whole body, releasing the unwanted physical tension that manifests from stress and causes the release of endorphins (natural feel good chemicals) in the body to fight the despair stress can bring.

2. Connection Building

Doing any activity with another person can aid in the formation of a relationship, but laughter is pivotal to the process of forming relationships. Just take a look at the ways we use humor in our own lives to build connections and manage our relationships.

When a comedian tells a joke and two people laugh together over it, it is as though they have shared a secret. Even if the entire room is laughing with them, they both understand the joke, find it funny, and laugh. In this shared understanding of humor, they develop a bond. And a relationship built on the joy of laughter is a powerful thing.

3. Mood Boosting

I’ve already discussed how laughter leads to the release of endorphins in the body, making people feel good. But we shouldn’t just think of these endorphins in terms of fighting stress and establishing a pleasant mood. The question you should be asking is “how can I use this good mood?”

What comes after your entertainment? An awards ceremony? A speech on the future of the company? A sales pitch? A summary of the company’s progress over the last year? A comedian can help you ensure that whatever comes after their set is well received. You want your guests to be on cloud nine when you get down to business and laughter can help you get them there.

Still Think Humor is a Joke?

Beyond the benefits listed above, laughter can have incredible effects on health and well-being. And what business doesn’t want happy and healthier employees?

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