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Introduction: In the age of virtual events, organizations are finding innovative ways to adapt and excel in the new normal. Virtual fundraising has emerged as a successful alternative, offering unique benefits and engaging experiences for both participants and donors. In this blog post, we will explore various virtual fundraiser ideas that can help your organization reach its goals while keeping attendees entertained and motivated. From virtual galas to live streaming events, let’s dive into the world of virtual fundraising.

Benefits of Virtual Fundraising:

Virtual fundraisers offer several advantages that make them a compelling option for organizations. Firstly, they eliminate common barriers to attendance, such as dress codes, child care, and weather conditions. With virtual events, participants can join from the comfort of their homes, ensuring maximum participation. Additionally, virtual fundraisers tend to be more focused, with attendees actively engaged in the program through their screens. This focused attention enhances the impact of your event and ensures that the message is delivered effectively.

Promotion is Key:

To ensure the success of your virtual fundraiser, effective promotion is crucial. Utilize digital channels to reach your intended audience and generate excitement for the event. Social media platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram, and YouTube can be utilized to live stream the event and create a buzz. By leveraging various promotional strategies, you can maximize attendance and drive donations.

Virtual Fundraiser Ideas:

  1. Virtual Gala: Host a virtual gala where attendees can enjoy a live stream of your program. This can include musical performances, stand-up comedy acts, or awards ceremonies. Participants can dress up or attend in casual attire, sharing their photos via livestream. Sell tickets or collect donations and share a link to the livestream with attendees. Consider incorporating auctions, raffles, or additional donation opportunities throughout the event to increase engagement and funds raised.

  2. Live Streaming Event: Create a live streaming event that includes powerful appeals for support and funds. Combine live presentations with pre-recorded content to deliver a compelling program. Consider incorporating virtual entertainment, games, or interactive elements to enhance the entertainment value. This personalized and engaging approach is reminiscent of a telethon and will resonate with attendees.

  3. Virtual Charity Run: Encourage participants to get sponsored donations for each mile they walk or run within a specific timeframe. Participants can share their photos and videos in a dedicated group, fostering a sense of community. Culminate the event with a virtual ceremony to recognize participants and include virtual entertainment to add excitement.

  4. Silent Auction: Launch an online auction where funds raised support your organization’s cause. Seek donations for prizes from local businesses and create a captivating video invitation featuring a surprise celebrity speaker to engage businesses and individuals. Use technology to notify bidders of outbids and facilitate secure payments after the auction closes.

Virtual Entertainment Ideas:

To elevate the virtual fundraising experience, consider incorporating virtual entertainment options such as game shows, magicians, mentalists, comedians, and virtual experiences. These unexpected elements will add an extra layer of enjoyment and participation to your event, ensuring a memorable experience for attendees.


Virtual fundraising events offer endless possibilities for organizations to engage donors and achieve their fundraising goals. By embracing virtual platforms and incorporating creative ideas, you can create impactful and entertaining experiences for your participants. Remember to promote your event effectively and leverage virtual entertainment options to make your virtual fundraiser a resounding success.

Where to Find Virtual Entertainment Ideas

To learn more about hosting virtual events and fundraisers, check out resources on virtual meetings, live streaming events, and our complete guide to fundraiser entertainment. For more information and assistance in planning your virtual fundraiser, please contact Funny Business Agency . We are here to help you create an engaging and successful virtual fundraising event.

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