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Best Virtual Emcee For Your Online Event

A virtual event emcee is integral to the success of online events. In addition to keeping them on track, they set the tone for get-togethers and provide them with a consistent, upbeat, and positive presence.

What an Emcee Does for Your Event

Hire James P Connolly Master of CeremoniesEmcees can act as an extension of your team. For example, they can help highlight event goals, reinforce key messaging, make announcements, introduce speakers, and engage attendees.

In a nutshell, what emcees do is create value for event guests. This is no small feat. It requires years of experience and the ability to improvise quickly no matter the situation. And, that’s just for live, in-person events…

Emcees for Virtual EventsVirtual Trivia Online - Rob Ferre - Funny Business Agency

As the business world pivots to online events, corporate hosts have adapted their skill set to meet the demand. Whether it’s an hour-long meeting or a multi-day event, a virtual emcee can help keep your event on track.

In many cases, a virtual event host will also have technological knowledge that can be helpful to event planners. This allows them to focus on the get-together they’re running and not get bogged down in the minor details.

Connect With a Professional Emcee

Fortunately, it’s not hard to book a qualified emcee for your next event. Simply get in touch with Funny Business Agency and we’ll connect you with the best talent in the industry.

Take a look at a few of the virtual emcee hosts on our roster below and call or email Funny Business Agency to find the right mc for your event.

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