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Virtual Event Entertainment: Wow Your Guests Virtually

As we continue to transform into a digital world, there are some exciting new opportunities for meetings, conferences and entertainment to go virtual. In addition to adopting technology for the convenience it offers, you will save on meetings, conferences and events.

In addition to digital transformation, we are experiencing changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are dealing with chaos, confusion and fear. Unprecedented suspensions of sports, closures places and cancellations of events. More employees are working remotely and meetings / events are being cancelled. It’s a new world and we are all working to navigate the changes.

As these health concerns rise, more and more companies are starting to replace traditional face-to-face meetings and events with video conference calls and webinars. 

It’s safe to say that aside from good health, what people want most is normalcy. 

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Virtual Entertainment Offers the Excitement and Engagement Your Digital Event Needs

With today’s technology capabilities, meetings can be hosted virtually. Zoom is a great platform, with free and paid plans. It’s perfect for hosting a virtual meeting or conference.

Regardless of your virtual meeting platform, we can help provide opportunities to engage your attendees with fun, memorable moments, even though they’re not meeting in person. Video conferencing calls shouldn’t be boring!

Coming back to what we are experiencing now, with tensions and nerves running high, now is the perfect time to do something special for your team or meeting guests. 

Digital Magic for your Virtual Meeting

Magicians Doug McKenzie and Ryan Oakes perform an interactive show based around the technology we use every day in our lives. 

Digital Deception show is professionally produced from a studio in New York. The quality of the act will be top notch. In fact, it will exceed your expectations.

“Alakazoom” is the virtual version of Digital Deception, their tech-savvy, two-man magic and mentalism act.

The show can be custom tailored to your message, company or products. 

Comedians and Emcees Available for Teleconferencing

Hire Bill Engvall - Clean ComedianWe can also arrange for comedians and emcees to host your event, bringing more personality and something special to the meeting.

Whether it’s a webinar or meeting or even a virtual conference, a comedian to get the group laughing and energized is a great way to kick off the event. You can also save it to the end and ensure guests hang on until the very end for the entertainment.

Continuing business as usual is great for the bottom line. Here is your chance to do something great for morale. The unexpected entertainment will be a welcome surprise.

The Future of Corporate Entertainment

Once we return to normal and Covid19 is behind us, virtual meetings with entertainment will remain a great way for you to shake things up and produce exciting meetings that are just as successful as live ones, at less of a cost.

Creating a sense of community, relaxing and just enjoying yourself and then getting some good virtual work done can go a long way to create some normalcy right now.

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