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Top Corporate Dry Bar Comedians?

Have you been scoping out the Dry Bar website for clean comedians? Are you wondering which ones are right for a corporate event or fundraiser?

Dry Bar Comedy has become a destination website for videos of clean comedians. Their Facebook page has over 2 million active followers. 

Our advice to you:

Make sure you think about your audience, the atmosphere and intended ambiance of your event. Every comedian has a different tone and style. It can be hard to tell from a video if the comedian is right for the audience and the type of event you are looking for.  

Here are our top 7 Dry Bar Corporate Comedians:

Brad Upton
This 25 year veteran corporate comedian is one of the best. Due to his ability to work clean and get the crowd laughing, he is a favorite headliner for several major cruise lines and for corporate clients such as Microsoft, Nintendo, ATT Wireless, Pillsbury, BP Oil, Hertz and others.
Learn more about Brad or lock him in for your big event.


Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen is one of the premiere clean comedians. Much of his humor centers on marriage and living with teenagers – everyone can relate and appreciate the humor in that. He entertains with rapid-fire comedy and doesn’t stop until the very end.
Learn more about Jeff or lock him in for your big event.


Collin Moulton
Collin is fun, personable, and one of the most sought after headliners today. He is well known and loved by all. With energy that engages the audience before he even speaks he’s a huge hit every time. Every day life is the topic for his humorous stories, audiences relate personally and roar with laughter at the hysterical a stories he tells.
Learn more about Collin or lock him in for your big event.


Jason Hewlett
Your guests will be talking years to come. Jason is an Inspirational Humorist, Master of Ceremonies & Entertainer for fortune 500 companies.  His message of joy, humor, and messages about authentic self are received with standing ovations from audiences worldwide.
Learn more about Jason or lock him in for your big event.


Greg Warren
Greg’s corporate comedy act is 100% clean and appropriate for any audience. He can custom tailor the content to the audience – creating an even more memorable experience for your guests.  A seasoned emcee and the perfect host for any event. 
Learn more about Greg or lock him in for your big event.

For more information on clean comedians, check out our Clean Comedians page. We are here to guide you in selecting the best comedian for your event. Tell us what you want and who your audience is and we make the process a breeze. Stop searching and wondering and wasting your valuable time and contact us today!


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