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Tips for a Successful Virtual Drag Queen Bingo Event

You have done a virtual happy hour with a professional mixologist, entertained your team with a virtual magician and last December did a virtual cookie decorating party on Zoom.

You might be thinking, “I’ve heard that more than half of the Fortune 500 have entertained their teams with Drag Queen Bingo, it sounds outrageous, but it must be safe for work if Disney, Apple and Microsoft booked it.”

Perhaps you have never entertained your employees with a virtual event and are looking for a fast-paced, high-energy, laugh-out-loud team-building session hosted by a famous drag queen who has been hugged by Lady Gaga on national television.

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Here are a few tips for the best Drag Queen Bingo Event

Hire the Best Host

A good Virtual Drag Queen Bingo event should have a fabulously glamorous host with years of experience as a bingo caller. Someone who knows how to turn the deceptively simple game into an hour-long entertainment experience would be a plus.

Experience Really Matters

Your host should also be an experienced virtual entertainer. I would recommend a drag queen who has been doing shows on Zoom for years rather than months. I am guessing that someone who did their first virtual bingo show on March 22, 2020, would probably have more experience than someone who just started last week.


Ideally, your host should have a professional high-tech virtual studio with broadcast quality HD cameras and blazing ultra-high speed fiber internet connections to deliver the best video quality and sound so that participants get the best show possible.

Remote Team Building

Whether your entire team or just some of your team are working remotely, you want to find ways to connect the team and give them all a shared experience where they can laugh and relax together.

A good Drag Bingo event works best when the host is able to make players gathered in the boardroom, at their desks in multiple offices in different cities, or playing from home, all feel connected. A hybrid event should make everyone feel like they are all on the same team and in the same room.

It is not just Bingo, it is a Party!

A good Drag Queen Bingo show will use Bingo as the starting point. Bingo is a game that everyone knows how to play and lends itself to being the structure to build an entertainment experience around. Some companies will choose to send out colorful wigs and feather boas or sparkly sunglasses to each player along with their bingo cards.

Here are some Fun Ideas

Some companies choose to send their guests a wig or feather boa along with their bingo cards. This option lets Gina from HR look like Lady Gaga while her CFO, Dave plays along looking like Elton John circa 1980.  Who doesn’t want to see their manager wearing a hot pink bee hive wig?

Your Bingo caller might want to ask players to give themselves a ‘Drag Name” for the duration of the event. Perhaps Sandra in accounts has secretly wanted to be called “Crystal Ice” or is thrilled to know that her actual drag name is her grandmother’s first name plus the last sweet thing she ate. Bob in Tech support playing as “Suzanne Snickers” might even win a fabulous prize.

Themed Events

Some Drag Queen Bingo Hosts have themed shows for Halloween, The Holidays, Pride Season etc.  These can often feature set decorations, themed musical playlists and the drag queen dressed in a themed costume.

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Every good Drag Queen Bingo is known for its silly and inventive prizes as well as the highly desirable top prize which can be a paid day off, an e-commerce gift card or a vintage bottle of bubbly.

The best Drag Bingo events will work with your budget to reward your players with prizes that put a smile on their faces.  The event should be so fun that the cash value of the prizes is secondary to the number of positive memories the team makes.

The Music

You might want to consider a Musical Drag Queen Bingo event that has fabulous music and live singing throughout. The best Drag Bingos will have a professional DJ/producer on the decks playing the most loved feel-good pop music, mood-boosting happy hits, and floor fillers from the 60s 70s 80s, etc through to today.

Diversity, Inclusion and LGBTQ+ ERG Events

Perhaps you’re looking for a Drag Queen Bingo event for your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team or LGBTQ+ ERG.  An event that has a perfect 5-star rating on Trust Pilot and rave recommendations on LinkedIn might be just what you’re looking for during Pride Season.

I would never choose the drag host which has been ever so subtlety hinted at throughout this article, they sound like a highly experienced, internationally famous, and hugely successful entertainer.  They must be ridiculously expensive.  (You would be surprised how affordable the guest blogger’s event actually is.)

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a successful Virtual Drag Queen Bingo event is more than the sum of its parts and will even provide some surprises throughout. The key to a successful virtual event is the skill of the host. Do choose one that is multi-talented. Maybe as well as being a singer, comic, and professional bingo caller they are also a skilled magician and can surprise and delight some of your team by accurately predicting the name of the teacher they had in first grade or the name of the person who took them to Prom in 1996. Who doesn’t love a good magic trick?

 By Guest Author – Charlie Hides

Charlie Hides is the host of the #1 Best Virtual Bingo event in the world!   In the past three years, Charlie has hosted over 1500 events for hundreds of the world’s biggest companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, eBay, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Meta and many more… For more information or to hire Virtual Drag Queen Bingo, find more here.

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