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The Case For a Virtual Emcee: Supercharge Your Next Online Event With an Experienced Host

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Source: Amy McWhirter

Planning an online event? Make it the best that it can be by hiring a virtual emcee to host it! 

Keep reading to learn what a virtual emcee is and four reasons why you need one for your next digital gathering. Let’s get started!

What is a Virtual Emcee?

A virtual emcee is a professional event host who specializes in online conferences, business meetings, and other digital get-togethers. They’re generally charged with welcoming attendees, introducing guests, and otherwise keeping virtual events progressing smoothly.

Why do You Need a Virtual Emcee?

You don’t actually need a virtual emcee. But having one can greatly benefit your online event in a variety of ways. For example, they can set the tone for your event, keep it on track, make it more entertaining, and lessen the hosting burden for your team.

Let’s a closer look at each of these benefits:

1. Set the Tone For Your Event

Virtual emcees can help set the tone for your event and make sure your attendees get the right experience. Want to keep your audience loose? Hire an emcee with a great sense of humor. Looking for a more business-like atmosphere? Tell your emcee to take a “buttoned-up” approach and keep things completely professional.

The best part is, a quality host who has experience hosting virtual gatherings should be able to adapt to your event and set the specific tone you require.

2. Keep Your Event on Track

Events of all kinds, from business meetings to virtual conferences, can run late because of long-winded speakers, presentation delays, and over-full schedules.

Professional hosts have the experience required to keep events on track. They do this by ensuring speakers don’t extend their allotted time slots, facilitating interviews and other presentations, and ensuring transitions between event activities are smooth.

Additionally, a virtual emcee will give your online gathering a sense of continuity via a tight event schedule that flows freely from one event activity to the next.

3. Boost Your Event’s Entertainment Factor

The best virtual emcees are entertainers at heart. This can really come in handy when delays happen as emcees can use their showmanship skills to fill the gaps between keynotes speeches, interview sessions, performances, and other event activities.

Not to mention, an entertaining emcee will make your event more enjoyable and memorable, increasing the likelihood that event goers will attend again in the future.

4. Lessen the Event Hosting Burden

Finally, a online emcee will lessen the event hosting burden for you and your team. Imagine being able to just focus on meeting attendees, selling products, and otherwise promoting your company instead of worrying about who’s supposed to speak next and other event details.

Hire a digital host and make sure your online event is as successful as it can be, while lessening the stress you’ll feel during the process.

Book a Virtual Emcee For Your Next Digital Event

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a virtual conference, online business meeting, or some other kind of event. A online emcee might be exactly what you need to take your next digital get-together over the top.

Fortunately, booking a talented and experienced virtual emcee is easy with Funny Business! Browse our options and choose the right host for your specific needs and budget.

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