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How to Choose a Clean Comedian for a Fundraiser

Clean Comedian Bengt Washburn on TV


Hiring a clean comedian for a fundraiser can be tricky, especially if you don’t have much experience. Finding the right entertainer for any type of event requires careful consideration before coming to a final decision.  Comedians can vary greatly from squeaky clean, PG, and to very offensive. Carefully consider what entertainment agency you might work with and which comedians you intend to hire.

An Interview with Comedy Magician Andy Gross

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Andy Gross is easily one of the top-rated performers that Funny Business Agency works with. He combines comedy, magic and ventriloquism to create a truly outstanding performance for any type of event. Read our interview to learn how Andy got started, what his show is like, his advice to event planners and more.

Why You Should Hire a Comedian for Your Corporate Event

Why You Should Hire a Comedian for Your Corporate Event


Everyone likes to laugh. I mean, laughter generally means happiness and some amount of joy, right? But then again, all entertainment (assuming it is actually entertaining) lifts the spirits to some extent. So why should you hire a comedian for your corporate event?

A comedian comes with risks after all. They might tell an offensive joke, insult guests, or just not be funny. So why not go with a different form of entertainment?