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What We’re Looking Forward to at Gilda’s LaughFest 2017

Gilda’s LaughFest 2017 is less than a week away and we couldn’t be more excited! After a year of brainstorming and booking talent, it’s always special to see some old favorites and meet some new comedians.

There is so much to look forward to during this 10 day festival of seriously funny stuff!

Here is what we’re looking forward to at Gilda’s LaughFest 2017:

Meeting, seeing and spending time with talent

I really like being able to see familiar faces and finally meet some comedians face-to-face. I’m fortunate enough to be able to spend time with them before, during and after their shows.

Seeing the headlining artists like Howie Mandel, Joel McHale, Sinbad, Iliza, Pete Holmes & Friends, Katt Williams, Steve Lemme & Kevin Heffernan, Rory Scovel and others are obviously something we’re excited about.

I love the showcase shows like the Clean Comedy Showcase, Best of the Midwest Competition and the National Stand-up Showcase. Being able to see so many different comedians’ acts one right after the other makes a great show.

In addition to these, there are so many other great artists and shows we are looking forward to seeing.


It’s almost become an annual tradition to see comedy journalists Dylan Gadino of LaughSpin.com and Julie Seabaugh. They’ll be back again to judge the Best of the Midwest Comedy Showcase and watch other shows.

This year, Dylan Gadino is producing a show by Jeanette Rizzi called Blindsided. Dylan will also be hosting a couple of panels on Saturday, March 18: One about Politics and Comedy and one about Healthcare and Humor featuring Wendy Wigger, the executive Director of Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids.

LaughFest Staff

After working regularly year after year with the LaughFest staff, it’s become a joyful annual occurrence to come together for the whirlwind that is LaughFest.

Community Partners

LaughFest wouldn’t be possible without an amazing group of sponsors. Please support them!


These are the unsung heroes of LaughFest who keep things going behind the scenes and on the front lines. We’ve built some connections with the festival’s regular volunteers. Some of those we only get to see once a year, and it’s during LaughFest. Every volunteer I’ve met has always been so kind and welcoming. They also have a great sense of humor, which is something I really appreciate and enjoy.

Festive Atmosphere

There really is a different feeling in the air during LaughFest. There are so many different events happening all at one time featuring many different artists. The outpouring of people that are coming together at once to attend and participate in the shows and events adds to that festive energy. It’s an amazing and unique time for Grand Rapids that makes the city buzz…and laugh!

This year’s festival kicks-off with an attempt at breaking the record for West Michigan’s Largest Mannequin Challenge. Come out and help them claim the title!

Are you interested in learning more about Gilda’s LaughFest? Visit their website to learn more.

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